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Becherovka. How to drink the drink Czech

Becherovka - the world-famous Czech liqueur strength of approximately 38% produced in the suburb of Karlovy Vary on the basis of extracts and infusions of more than 20 kinds of medicinal herbs. Primarily used as a remedy for stomach ailments.

Becherovka. How to drink the drink Czech

Instruction Becherovka. how to drink the drink Czech

Step 1:

Serve neat Becherovka as an aperitif. This simple method of use allows you to enjoy the aroma of herbs and soft drink flavors. There are two ways to supply clean Becherovka table. First - cooled to 5-7 degrees liquor is poured into a special porcelain tulip wine glasses with handles 25 ml and drink in one gulp. The second way - slowly savor heated to 18-20 degrees of Becherovka glass of cognac.

Step 2:

Use Becherovka for making low-alcohol cocktails. Drink through a soft enveloping taste goes well with tonic water and juices - cherry, pomegranate, orange and grapefruit. Depending on the desired strength of cocktail you can change the proportions of the ingredients. Do not forget that Becherovka can be mixed with other soft drinks, including champagne. Also, this liquor is added to the mulled wine or Czech "Svarog".

Step 3:

Remember that there is a true way to use Becherovka Czech beer. Liquor frozen in a small stack is placed on the bottom of the mug or cup, pour light filtered beer and drink three or four gulps to Becherovka remained last.

Step 4:

Try strong cocktails with Becherovka. They are, as a rule, two-component. Most often, the liquor is added to the young cognac or whiskey, but the combination of Becherovka with the usual vodka is considered the most pleasant. Served cocktails such small stacks and drink in one gulp.

Step 5:

Prepare a digestif with Becherovka. To do this, add the liqueur in a strong and very sweet black tea, it is considered the optimal proportion of the ratio of one to one drink, and you can use honey instead of sugar. This end of the meal to help digest food better. In addition, Becherovka often drink coffee, by analogy with the Riga balm.