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How better to drink whiskey

Whisky - a drink with a lot of people. In Scotland, it is produced mainly from barley, Ireland - barley, wheat, oats, rye, in America and Canada using rye and corn. Also materials, different grades and different manufacturing process. And more importantly, how long and what kept the drink. Deciding how best to drink whiskey, you can only see the kind of drink that you have to taste.

How better to drink whiskey

Instruction how better to drink whiskey

Step 1:

The easiest ordinary whiskey and a small delay can drink like vodka - a volley of tiny stopochek. It is called this way of "shot." In a glass pour each from 15 to 20 ml of the drink, which instantly overturn in the mouth and allow it to disperse heat quickly through the veins. While whiskey is usually not a snack, with a cheap kind of drink is not any "noble" rules.

Step 2:

Professional tasters drink whiskey worthy of attention from "tumblersa" - weighty low wide glass with a heavy bottom. They add to the noble drink plain water or a bit of ice. In the latter case, you should wait until the ice melts a bit little. Thus, alcohol not burn them language, and they have the ability to completely rasprobovat taste of the drink, with all its nuances. Many fans of whiskey, though aware of the need for such a step, still feel that they are better than sacrifice the subtleties in the perception than feel that they did not drink so stringy and a bit watery.

Step 3:

Those who cherish the primeval taste, prefer to enjoy the nuances in the flavor of the whiskey. They drink "pure" drink of cognac glasses. To odors culminated whiskey served warm, about 18 ° C, but drink it in a slightly cool room.

Step 4:

Good, but not outstanding whiskey, is part of many cocktails. The simplest of them, known to many - a whiskey and soda. The original version of it is also called old-fashioned or old-style (Old-fashioned). It is believed that it was invented in 1880, and is a perfect cocktail. After all, it has everything you need, namely: sweet, bitter, sour, alcohol and water. If you write specifically, to the bottom "tumblersa" put 1 sugar cube, drip on him bitters, add a slice of orange and pour 50 ml of whiskey. Fill with ice cubes, topped up with soda water and shaken.

Step 5:

Another, celebrated in literature and cinema cocktail with whiskey - the mint julep. It is made only of bourbon. The average glass with a heavy bottom put a few mint leaves (about 8), sleep 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and knead. Then add the ice, poured into 30 ml of whiskey. Decorate the drink with a sprig of fresh mint. Her pre-clamped between your hands and clap in them - it is believed that the plant would be so fragrant.

Step 6:

One should not forget about such a popular way to drink whiskey, how to add it to the coffee. Most probably, the famous hot drink - Irish coffee. The classic proportions are mixed with 70 ml of strong hot coffee and 30 ml of good Irish whiskey, they put 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and decorate drink 15 ml downed cream.