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How should you drink Martini

The name "Martini" is the brand of vermouth is originally from Italy. This noble drink contains in its composition a large number of herbs that makes it a unique taste. Drinking Martini - a special ritual, the commission of which brings pleasure.

How should you drink Martini

You will need:

- Martini; - A special glass; - Ice.

Instruction how to drink martinis

Step 1:

Keep in mind that vermouth, to which the Martini, is an aperitif. This means that the drink is served before the meal as an appetite pathogen. Drinking Martini during the meal found in bad taste. It is suitable, for example, for parties that do not have heavy meals. Combining it with snacks is not forbidden.

Step 2:

Serve Martini exclusively in a special glass. Its form is always recognizable (low inverted triangle). Before serving, be sure to drink is cooled to 10-15 ° C.

How should you drink Martini

Step 3:

If you do not want to spoil the taste of the drink, do not drink it in its pure form. Martini supplied or diluted with water or ice. Martini "Dry" and "Extra-Dry" can be submitted with a few olives, put on skewers.

Step 4:

A classic combination is considered vermouth juice. "Bianco" For this fit Martini varieties. For example, mix it with citrus (grapefruit, orange) or cherry. Martini with juice ratio should be one to one.

Step 5:

Martini "Russia" and "Rosatom" drink undiluted. In addition to the ice, it is possible to add strawberries or lemon. Diluting juices of these varieties are not welcome.

Step 6:

Fans can prepare cocktails "James Bond" Martin "Dry" vodka at a ratio of one to one. To him a slice of lemon and a few olives are ideal. No less common variant of the cocktail with vermouth - "Roosevelt" Martin "Dry" mix of gin (1: 2), add lemon and ice.

Step 7:

Truly feminine cocktail called the following combination: Martini "Russia" with champagne and strawberry syrup (3: 2: 1). Drink stronger can be obtained by mixing Martini "bianco" with vodka and grape juice (2: 1: 3).