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How should you drink vodka

In order not to experience a hangover and do not get drunk to unconsciousness, need to learn the proper reception of alcoholic beverages. Vodka belongs to the strong alcohol. According to etiquette, use this drink from a special variety of dishes with a good snack.

How should you drink vodka

Instruction how to drink vodka

Step 1:

Drink vodka only if started with the feast of the drink, not "disturb" it with other alcohol. With wine, you can go for vodka, on the contrary - not. After a "mandatory" glasses of champagne, for example, for the New Year, good snack and go for vodka.

Step 2:

Put vodka to chill before serving. It is sufficient if the drink is cooled to -8-10 C. Drink alcohol in small sips, drink in one gulp is considered bad form. For 2-3 hours before the feast, drink 50 grams of vodka, which prepare the body to load. Make a sandwich with butter, drink beaten egg. On the table serve meat, flour, hot dishes, pancakes with caviar, pickles, dumplings, hodgepodge, jelly, etc.

Step 3:

Construct of watermelon or melon cups. Can cut container cucumber, pre-cutting them in half and taking out the pulp. Such a "bowl" is better to put on a special tray, so that nothing accidentally spilled on the table and tablecloth.

Step 4:

Eat vodka before eating, eating tightly. Fill the glasses two-thirds of their volume or completely, according to the request of guests. The duty that rests with the home owner or the person, who asked about it. First toast, followed by a drink. As a rule, the first glass of drink completely, then everyone decides individually on the amount of alcohol consumed.

Step 5:

Vodka does not equate to the drug. Yes, 30-50 grams of strong alcohol will remove stress and get rid of stress, this amount has a protective effect in the prevention of heart and vascular diseases, as well as radiation sickness. But the excess of the allowable amount of detrimental effect on the condition of the body.

Step 6:

Drink vodka, not carbonated water, such as juices. Otherwise, intoxication will come very soon and you will not be able to control this process.

Step 7:

You can drink vodka in the "brotherhood" moving "you." Let's say you want to consolidate its friendship with someone else. To do this, cross hands, which are pre-poured by wine glasses with vodka. Then drink alcohol, be sure to completely and kiss on the lips, may be on the cheek.