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How should you drink wine

Wine - a noble grape drink, known since ancient Greece. It is equally revered not only the French, the Italians, but also those people who do not have to its production in any way. These include the Russians, but they still do not know exactly how wine should be consumed.

How should you drink wine

Instruction how to drink wine

Step 1:

Pick up special glasses. Dishes from which wine is drunk, plays an important role in the perception of the beverage. For sparkling wine suitable high elongated glasses, red drink from the round, white - of the more narrow. The device should be thin and made of transparent glass. Pouring the wine, take care that it took a third drink. If it is large (eg, shestisotmillilitrovye glasses of red wine), pour a drink only a quarter. Sparkling wines are filled up to the end devices.

Step 2:

Combine wine with various kinds of dishes based on classic tandems. The main rule is: the wine with a rich and complex flavor served with simple dishes, simple as wine suitable for gourmet food. Dry red wine with poultry, meat, white dry - with the fish. Sweet and served with desserts. Never connect a single supply wine with fried and spicy dishes, tucked vinegar and plenty of spices. If you need a simple snack to a red dry wine Free cheese plate, the white - fish, to champagne - fruit.

Step 3:

Keep an eye on the temperature of the wine when serving. Cooler just feeding should be white wine (about ten to twelve degrees), red refrigerate up to sixteen or eighteen. Sparkling and dessert is brought up to fifteen, and strong - up to twenty.

Step 4:

Stretch pleasure. Wine in no case do not drink in one gulp. Those who are caught in this once glorified rookie and far from connoisseurs of noble drink. First tap wine of the upper lip, then hold a small amount in terms of disclosure to his taste. A glass of wine is not necessary to put on the table after each sip, but also to make them a little at a time - amateurishness.