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How to avoid scalds tea

Tea - a popular drink among different segments of the population. It has a mass of useful features: contains antioxidants, increases the pressure, relieves headaches, tones. Different people have different preferences in the culture of drinking the beverage. Some dilute it with milk, others put a lemon, some dilute it with cold water, while others prefer to drink almost boiling water.

How to avoid scalds tea

You will need:

- cold water; - Ice; - Lump sugar from the refrigerator; - Lemon; - Milk; - A wide circle; - Thermocup with cover-pot.

Instruction how to avoid scalds tea

Step 1:

Scientists believe that drinking hot tea is dangerous to health. In addition to perishable tooth enamel, for those who like it hot, there is a good chance to earn a cancer of the larynx or esophagus than those preferring a warm drink. It is desirable that the liquid temperature in your circle does not exceed 60 degrees.

Step 2:

In order not to burn yourself with hot tea, it would be logical to wait until it cools down. If you want to enjoy a refreshing drink immediately, simply dilute it with cold water or throw in a cup a couple of ice cubes.

Step 3:

Place the stack of lump sugar in the refrigerator. Instead of ice cubes you can use the cold sugar, the drink that helps to cool faster. Similarly, you can add a tea lemon soak in the refrigerator.

Step 4:

Black tea can be diluted with milk. You will have a healthy and tasty drink, so beloved by the British.

Step 5:

Previously, family members, gathering in front of the samovar, poured scalding drink into the saucer and drank it, slurping. Indeed, since the tea cools down more quickly, and you are unlikely to burn them. If you do not want to drink from the saucer, pour the drink into a wide circle, and try to drink small sips.

Step 6:

Put a cup of tea in a container of cold water - the drink cools down very quickly, it only need to be periodically stir.

Step 7:

If you do not intend to change the preferred temperature of drink, do not burn yourself you will be special mugs, do not let the heat. These insulated cups can be bought, for example, in a coffee house Starbucks. They retain the temperature of the liquid for a long time and do not let you burn your hands. For those who are not very accurate, and has a habit of spilling drinks fit mug with lid-pot. Even if you tip over tea, a special valve on the cap will give a drink spilled, and you do not burn.