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How to brew beer at home

Most beer recipes have very ancient roots, but many of the secrets of its preparation have survived. It has long been brewed Slavs foamy drink. It was added hops, honey, herbs and spices. To quickly make beer at home, today is enough to get a mini-brewery, malt extract and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. You can make your own wort and cereal - then get a totally natural product.

How to brew beer at home

You will need:

- barley, rye, wheat, oats; - pure water; - The capacity for germination, cooking, fermentation and storage of beer; - Mortar, pestle or coffee grinder; - Salt; - Hops; - Brewer's yeast; - Jam or syrup; - Honey; - Canvas cloth.

Instruction how to brew beer at home

Step 1:

Try to prepare homemade malt from selected grains - barley, rye, oats or wheat. To start with the choicest grains fold in a wide capacity (deep baking tray) and fill with clean water. After a couple of days, they should germinate.

Step 2:

Dry raw materials for malt and interpret it in a mortar and pestle or grinding in a coffee grinder. cooking homemade beer base is ready.

Step 3:

Dilute wort. To this end, half a bucket of malt pour two buckets of chilled, necessarily filtered water. If possible, enter it from a pure spring and strain.

Step 4:

Incubate the mixture of malt and water in a volume vessel for two days. 2:00 Then boil the solution, adding a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) of salt.

Step 5:

Stir the wort, tightly cover it in a container with a lid and let it sit for a few hours as it should protomai. After that you can put into the mix 6 cups of hops and continue to brew beer for half an hour.

Step 6:

Strain the broth through a ready canvas cloth and cool it to a temperature of fresh milk (about 37 degrees). Now you can add brewer's yeast (half a cup), jam or syrup (half cup) and all carefully vent.

Step 7:

Leave to ferment the wort until the evening in a warm place, protected from direct sunlight. By nightfall, the liquid can be poured on the jar or bottle, and the next day clog the vessel.

Step 8:

After 2-3 days of low-alcohol drink, you can filter and drink. If you want to get a strong beer, let it be like wandered within 10-14 days.

Step 9:

If your first experience in home brewing was a success, try to vary the recipes of beer. For example, prepare the Russian honey beer. To do this, you need to take 2 kg of fresh natural honey and dilute it with clean water (10 L). Add a tablespoon of hops and boil the resulting mixture for an hour.

Step 10:

Decant the wort and cool until warm. You can now add the 2 tablespoons of brewer's yeast and leave to ferment for a week at room temperature.

Step 11:

Close the liquid in the fermentation tank and let cool (dry cellar or refrigerator) for another 2 days.

Step 12:

Filter the fresh home-made beer, pour it into bottles and zakuporte. For a better safety, place the drink in a dark, cool place.