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How to brew black coffee

There are many ways to make a cup of strong black coffee. You can choose the degree of roasting beans, grind, you can make coffee in Turku or geyser coffeemaker (mocha), add a variety of spices. Recipes of coffee, probably as much as the fans in this fragrant refreshing beverage.

How to brew black coffee

You will need:

- coffee beans; - The grinder; - mineral water; - Sugar; - Geyser or coffee pots / Turk.

Instruction how to brew black coffee

Step 1:

Select the type of roaster - easy, medium, medium-dark or dark. The darker the roast, the richer and richer the taste of coffee and the higher the price, but, surprisingly, the less caffeine beans.

Step 2:

To brew a cup of black coffee in the oriental, cook finely ground coffee for the coffee maker needs geyser medium grind. The beverage, brewed from freshly ground beans, tastier and more aromatic.

Step 3:

For coffee is very important to the quality of water. Spoil the taste of the beverage is not only too rigid chlorinated water, but, oddly enough, very clean, distilled. Great coffee to get oxygenated water, with small amounts of minerals. Use filters or take bottled mineral water.

Step 4:

Coffee in the east, he is Turkish coffee, Arabic, Armenian, brewed in a special narrow vessel, which may be called the Turk, pots or ibrik. Depending on whether you want a sweet drink weld is determined and the number of spoonfuls of ground coffee for one cup. For unsweetened take 1 teaspoon per cup of 60 ml for the medium-sweet coffee take 1 teaspoon of coffee and sugar for a sweet drink, take 1 teaspoon of coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar, for extra-sweet - 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons ground coffee.

Step 5:

Fill the pots with cold water and put on a small fire. Stir the coffee and if you cook sweet drink sugar. Cook stirring until the foam will begin to rise. Remove the pots from the heat and allow the foam to settle down a bit, again heat until the moment as the "cap" will begin to rise. Cool and repeat the operation. Remove from heat and pour into cups. This coffee is usually served with a glass of fresh, cold water.

Step 6:

To make coffee with a coffee machine geyser, you disassemble it. It consists of three parts - the bottom of the bowl, basket filter and the top of the handle and spout. Fill the bottom of the cold water, the water does not reach the steam valve. Put in a bowl and pour the filter ground coffee in it to the very top, tamping powder from time to time. Fix the upper part.

Step 7:

Set the machine on medium heat. Determine the readiness of the beverage can on how the coffee will begin to gurgle at the top of mocha.