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How to choose a dry red wine

Surprisingly, the vast majority of basic table wines, which are produced throughout the world, and we enjoy during the meal - dry, including dry white, pink and, of course, red wine. How dry and red wine is saturated to a great extent dependent on grape variety, vineyard features and locations, as well as age the wine.

How to choose a dry red wine

Instruction how to choose a dry red wine

Step 1:

Because of the fairly rich taste red wines tend to go perfectly with red meat, barbecue, creamy dishes, cold meats and dishes with tomato sauce.

Step 2:

For meat dishes, cured meats, as well as Tempranillo (Tempranillo) suitable for spicy food. Select a wine from the long exposure of the famous Spanish grapes. This variety is predominant in most diverse classic red wines of Spain. As a young, Tempranillo - a soft drink with a fruity flavor. Aged for some time in oak barrels, it acquires a strong characteristic aroma of herbs, red berries and spices.

Step 3:

If you prefer a spicy, bitter and dry red wine, select Shiraz (Shiraz). His most famous manufacturers from Australia. It harmonizes perfectly with beef, game, barbecue and dishes with black pepper.

Step 4:

Italian dishes, as well as any other, containing tomato sauce will complement a very dry red wine - Chianti (Chianti). Also try it with grilled chicken or dishes that contain a lot of thyme, basil or sage.

Step 5:

If you are looking for a more bitter red wine, pay attention to the Grenache (Grenache). It is superbly set off the barbecue, chicken, sausages and seafood.

Step 6:

Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabarnet Sauvignon) - spicy wine with a strong aroma. Combine it with the fat meat, cheese, as well as food sauces containing heavy.