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How to choose a mineral water

The diversity represented on the shelves of stores of mineral water makes her choice quite difficult. After all, only some water there is no - medical, dining, with gas and without it! Consumers can only learn to choose exactly the one that not only quench your thirst, but also do not harm health.

How to choose a mineral water

Instruction how to choose a mineral water

Step 1:

Carefully and slowly learn the label - it should contain, what it is water - medical, therapeutic or dining-room. These water differ in their content of mineral substances. Therapeutic mineral water is often offered for sale in pharmacies and are not recommended for healthy people. Dining mineral water can quench their thirst in unlimited quantities - it has no therapeutic effect, but with the use of medical-table water should be careful - in large quantities it can cause a violation of the salt balance of the body and aggravate existing chronic diseases.

Step 2:

Buy mineral water only in large stores and pharmacies, where the risk to buy counterfeit products is minimal. Check - in the original mineral water is always a label with information about the whereabouts of the manufacturer, terms and conditions of storage, the room well, expiry date and date of manufacture. Note that the label also should contain rooms and certification information. Avoid buying, if the label is written with errors in it generally is not given the required information, the text is blurred or fuzzy printed - counterfeit mineral water can harm your health.

Step 3:

When buying mineral water, give preference only to the well-known brands in the country, in which the product has several degrees of protection. Do not buy mineral water are unknown to you western manufacturers, no matter how beautiful it was not the container - this water is often a fake, which can pose a threat to your body.

Step 4:

Take a good look at the mineral water, you have decided to buy - quality water should be clear, colorless and have no turbidity or sediment.