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How to cook jelly briquette

Berry jelly - a tasty drink that appears less and less on the tables. But cook it is not difficult, especially if used for cooking special bricks, which can be purchased at any store.

How to cook jelly briquette

You will need:

- briquette; - Starch; - lemon acid; - Sugar; - juice; - Boiling; - Berries; - Ice cream.

Instruction how to cook pudding of briquette

Step 1:

Usually manufacturers write jelly recipe cooking directly on the packaging. If a company, whose cake you purchased, did not bother to do so, or a prescription written in an unknown foreign language to you, do not worry. Recipe cooking jelly of all the briquettes is almost identical.

Step 2:

Crumble the cake. If it is fresh, it can be done and fingers. In that case, if the package a few months lay you on the shelf, hands and you can not cope. Try to grind it for mashed squash, roll a rolling pin, grate, grind in a blender or mixer, and only then start cooking. Make sure that the powder was not lumps - it must be crushed thoroughly.

Step 3:

At 250 grams of powder you need two liters of water. Pour them into a saucepan and put on fire. Until the water began to boil, dilute the powder preform in a small amount of cold water. The resulting solution must be mixed thoroughly to avoid lumps. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and pour a thin stream of powder dissolved.

Step 4:

Return can be simplified and fill jelly in boiling water in a powder form. Putting it should also be a little bit, otherwise the particles stick together in the water, and you will have them for a long time to break. This jelly is necessary to continuously stir.

Step 5:

If you like sweet, add sugar to taste. Also, if you prefer a thick jelly, originally should take less water or at the end of cooking add a little starch dissolved in cold water.

Step 6:

In the jelly of the briquettes can also add citric acid, jam, squeezed fresh or frozen berries, juice - all that tells your imagination and your taste will approve. And if you put in a glass of hot jelly ice cream ball, you get a delicious treat.