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How to drink sherry

Jerez - this is a great fortified wine that is produced in southern Spain. The name of this drink was from a place where sherry is made real. Homeland of this noble drink is between the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria. There are several varieties of sherry. Exactly how to use sherry and what his serve dishes?

How to drink sherry

You will need:

Glasses of sherry, a refrigerator, a variety of meals and snacks.

Instruction how to drink sherry

Step 1:

Before drinking sherry, prepare in advance for special glasses of sherry. They look like champagne glasses, slightly elongated in the form of a tulip. If you do not have these glasses, take regular wine glasses, they will also work.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the labels on the bottle and the label to determine which sherry is in front of you.

Step 3:

Fino sherries varieties and Manzanilla is dry wines yellowish. Fino sherry with a delicate bouquet and a slightly fruity flavor of nuts, Manzanilla more fragrant and light, with a little bitterness. These sherries apply only chilled to 5-10 degrees. A glass of wine keep the leg so that it is not warmed by your hand. Drink as an aperitif these sherries. These wines are very good with seafood, fish and soft cheeses.

Step 4:

Amontillado - sherry is pronounced amber color with a pleasant hint of almond. Often dry and semi-dry. Drink it chilled, it will be very good with fish or white meat, as well as with hard cheeses. Amontillado one of the few wines that can be served with soups and it does not lose from this.

Step 5:

Palo Cortado - a very rare wine with us. If you are lucky to find it in the stores, enjoy it cooled down to 16 degrees. His perfectly complement a good cigar.

Step 6:

Madium - serious sherry. Cool it down to 10 degrees and serve with pate

Step 7:

Oloroso Sherry is a strong flavored wine with dominant notes of walnut. Drink this lovely drink, which happens from golden to dark mahogany color, it is recommended with red meat. Do not forget to just chill the wine to a temperature of 16 degrees.

Step 8:

But Sherry Cream Serve with desserts, such as the liver. This wine is sweet, dark and very pleasant. Cooling should be up to 13 degrees. Just good to drink it just with ice cubes.

Step 9:

Pale Cream combined with various fresh fruits. As well set off the sherry poultry liver. Since wine is delicate and soft, cool it should be up to 7 degrees.

Step 10:

Sweet wine Pedro Ximenez you can truly appreciate with blue cheese and all sorts of desserts. Then it will reveal all the nuances of taste, and you will feel notes of raisins.