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How to identify the tea

Tea is one of the most ancient beverages, its age is more than 5000 years. Now on sale there is a lot of variety of teas. Not to be mistaken, and only buy a quality product, you must know how to choose it.

How to identify the tea

Instruction how to define the tea

Step 1:

Discard the purchase of tea bags, most often it is a teaspoon of dust remaining after the processing of the leaves. Open the package and see if on the bottom there is a black dust, most likely the same packaged and sachets. If the bottom of the clean boxes, bags are shredded tea leaves. Do not buy tea bags, because often unscrupulous manufacturers add to it a variety of dyes and flavor enhancers.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the packaging of tea, which should be specified information about the manufacturer. This quality tea leaf tea produced only in India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Indonesia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. If the Chinese tea, the notice shall be present on the box: "National export-import company of tea." It is the only company in the country, which is engaged in tea export. In addition, it should contain the name of the province from which was brought to the tea, such as Fujian, Sichuan, and Yunnan ones as the Humans.

Step 3:

If you want to select Indian tea, remember that the packaging must be specified special character of the State Council of India tea in the form of a girl with a tea basket. The packaging of the present Ceylon tea should be a seal with the image of a lion and marked «Packed in Sri-Lanka».

Step 4:

Carefully inspect the box of tea. It should not present any lesions (nicks, breaks, etc.). Note the date of manufacture and shelf life.

Step 5:

Take a few tea leaves and rub them between your fingers, if they turn into dust - tea is not real. The low quality of the product and indicate the presence of stems and branches in the package.