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How to make homemade wine from plum

Wine made with his own hands, it will be much healthier and tastier than store bought. In home wine no chemical additives, because it is made from fruits collected in your own garden. This drink can be prepared not only from the grapes, but also apples, cherries, pears, currants, gooseberries and other fruits and berries. Good wine is obtained from the drain.

How to make homemade wine from plum

Instruction how to make homemade wine from plum

Step 1:

Collect only the ripe fruit, but do not wash them. On the skins are natural yeast, which are necessary for a better fermentation of the wort. Press the juice press or juicer. If dense plum, for better separation of juice crush them, add 1 kg of 0.5 liters of water and 100 grams of sugar, and then put in a warm place for a small fermentation. After a few days it will be easy to separate the juice from the pulp press.

Step 2:

Make starter for this, pour 300 ml of lukewarm water 200 g of unwashed raisins. Add 50 grams of sugar, stir until it dissolves and put to ferment. You can put another handful of mint raspberry. The leaven is prepared 3-4 days. Drain and immediately use it in the process of making wine.

Step 3:

Mix sugar juice in a ratio of 3: 1. If you take it any more, fermentation will take longer. Yet consider the sugar content in the fruit itself, if the sour plum, it is necessary to increase the rate. Also, if you want a sweet wine, first dissolve in the juice of only half of the sugar, and about a week from the beginning of fermentation gradually add the rest.

Step 4:

Pour into a bottle with starter mash and close to the water trap. This can be a cotton plug with a flexible tube, one end of which is lower in a vessel with water. During fermentation on it will release carbon dioxide, and the new wine will avoid contact with oxygen. Put the bottle in a dark warm place (20-24 degrees).

Step 5:

Check how is the process of fermentation, the water tightness of the castle. When bubbles cease to be allocated, and the wine will be clarified, pour a thin hose from the sediment. Pour into a new vessel for the most neck and plug with cotton wool. Put in a cold cellar for a day, then replace the cotton wool plug and pour paraffin. Keep wine in a horizontal position even 3 months, after which the drink is ready to be finalized.