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How to make Indian tea

For brewing tea Indian take only a clean, clear water. The mineral is not suitable for this purpose, because it contains a large amount of various salts. The mixed drink use once, until he lost the color, flavor and useful properties.

How to make Indian tea

You will need:

- Indian tea; - Lemon; - Sugar; - Water; - Spices; - Teapot.

Instruction how to make Indian tea

Step 1:

The Chinese way of brewing is best reveals aromas of alpine tselnolistovyh varieties. On Kettle volume of 250-350 ml cook 2 tablespoons of tea. Teapot (preferably porcelain) good heat. Pour the dry tea leaves and let it warm up to warm a couple more minutes. Pour the water, the temperature of which should not exceed 92oS. Expect that kettle of 250 ml will take you about a liter of liquid. Pour water into the container, and almost immediately begin to merge into a separate cup or pitcher. This is necessary to ensure that at the end of cooking to mix poorly brewed tea and tart and serve all drink the same in strength. A second portion of the welding and pour without insisting. The third time, wait 1 minute, the fourth - 2 minutes, when the fifth brewing - 3 minutes or so. Not all varieties can withstand 5 zavarok, some are only designed for 2-3.

Step 2:

To prepare the tea in English prepare a teapot at the rate of 200 ml per participant and well warm. Pour dry mixture (one teaspoon per cup of water) and pour boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes and pour into cups without diluting with water. add slightly warmed cream or milk if desired.

Step 3:

Indian brewing method differs intense. Take the broken-leaf tea or granular, strong brew it, mix it with milk, add a lot of sugar and pour from a great height from the glass into the glass until abundant foam appears.

Step 4:

"Masala" - is an Indian tea with spices. In teapot, pour 2 cups hot water, put the sugar, 3 dessert spoons of tea, 4 peas of black pepper, 2 cloves, a quarter of dessert spoons of brown cardamom, a handful of green cardamom, ginger and a little anise. The mixture to a boil and add a glass of milk. Boil for 2 minutes on low heat.

Step 5:

In India, there is another popular way of tea: Put 3 tablespoons sweet leaf tea, brew for 5 minutes in 320-350 ml water, cool, add sliced ​​half lemon, sugar and a few ice cubes. Drink in small sips.