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How to prepare a cocktail of rum

Rum - liquid gold of the Caribbean. Not with all the rum you can or need to prepare a cocktail, but every cocktail with rum - this is certainly a strong, fragrant, intoxicating drink, suitable for a spicy summer nights, and for fun beach parties or light afternoon cocktail party.

How to prepare a cocktail of rum

You will need:

Punch planter - 2 parts gold rum; - 2 parts white rum; - 1 part lemon juice; - 1 part lime juice; - 1 teaspoon of any sweet syrup; - Ice. Cuba Libre - 30 grams of gold or white rum; - 1/2 lime; - Coca-Cola - ice Mojito - mint leaves; - 1 lime; - 60 ml white rum; - 60 ml of soda; - Powdered sugar; - Crushed ice. Pina Colada - ice; - 1 part dark rum; - 2 parts white rum; - 3 parts pineapple juice; - 2 pieces of coconut milk; - Slices of pineapple supply. Kipurrina - 60 ml rum; - 1 lime; - Powdered sugar; - Ice.

Instruction how to prepare a cocktail of rum

Step 1:

Pick a cocktail, depending on the type of rum which is in your possession. So any white rum - this drink is transparent, slightly flavored with a mild delicate flavor. It is ideal for any cocktail, but it is best combined with fruit juices.

Step 2:

Golden rum - a beautiful amber color with a pleasant scent intoxicating. In its few years, unlike the white rum is kept in barrels, so it is richer bouquet, taste richer. This rum is in harmony with other alcoholic beverages.

Step 3:

Dark rum - the color of old gold. This deep drink with many nuances obtained from Multiyear aging in oak barrels. It is not necessary to add to smoothies, as other drinks can kill some subtle notes of its bouquet and make it too ordinary.

Step 4:

Spiced rum - flavored rum, can be both white and golden. Suitable for hard and frozen cocktails.

Step 5:

Cachaca - a special kind of Brazilian rum. In the process of its production involved the pure juice of sugar cane, so it is the sweet rum. It can not be replaced by other kinds of rum, as well as it is - not a substitute for them.

Step 6:

Stamp plantatoraPod this name hides a number of different cocktails. There rhymed formula that allows us to prepare a punch planter with a variety of ingredients that are under his hand. It sounds translated as: Oh, my brother in thirst, I give you this recipe is two parts sour you take - and though and lime! - These sweet half Heap - and Roma three chasti.Vley as many as four of the weak, mix everything bad I gave pey.Razve you advice?

Step 7:

If you do not want to deal with the fact that there are sour, and that weak, then simply take on the same amount of light and dark rum, lime juice and lemon juice or any sweet syrup. Do not forget the ice. Put ice cubes in a shaker. Pour into prepared has all the ingredients in any order. Close and shake it sharply several times. Serve over ice in a tall glass, called Collins. Garnish with lime slices.

Step 8:

Cuba LibreEtot cocktail appeared in the early 20th century in Havana, in the midst of the Spanish-American War. Its name translates as "Freedom for Cuba!". Prepare a tall glass, known as the highball. Fill it up to the top with crushed ice. Pour rum, squeeze half a lime juice and pour up to the top of Coca-Cola. Glass gently shake a few times, and you can drink.

Step 9:

MohitoOdin two rum cocktails associated with the name of Ernest Hemingway. There are many variations of this cocktail, but the classic consists of light rum, mint, lime and powdered sugar. The mojito is not necessary to replace the white rum to gold as a cocktail lose its transparency and clarity smoky myatno- citrus taste. Take Collins glass and squeeze it in the juice of a whole lime. Put a teaspoon of powdered sugar and 4 mint leaves, mash the herbs and pour into a glass of ice. Pour in the rum and then fill to the brim with a glass of soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Step 10:

Pina KoladaPozhaluy most popular tropical beach cocktail. Prepared in a blender. In a bowl put the dark and white rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice with ice. All it whipped into a single homogeneous mass. Cocktail served in a tall glass, decorated with pineapple slices or in half coconut shell.

Step 11:

KipurrinaSamy simple cocktail with sweet Brazilian rum, Cachaca. The low cup of thick glass - lowball - squeeze the juice of one lime. Pour two tablespoons of powdered sugar and mix until a sweet pulp. Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in the rum. Drink Cocktail, periodically shaking the contents of the glass.