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How to prepare a latte

"Latte" is translated from Italian as "milk". In our understanding means latte hot drink based on coffee with milk and milk foam, which is easy to prepare at home.

How to prepare a latte

You will need:

8 grams of freshly ground coffee, 90-100 ml of milk.

Instruction how to prepare a latte

Step 1:

Prepare espresso. Using the coffee machine, pour 8 grams of freshly ground coffee in the holder, then Xpress him. Then thread it through the water resulting compacted coffee 90 degrees under pressure of 9 bar. At the exit you should get about 30-40 milliliters of the beverage. Espresso also be prepared in a coffee machine having a special function for the preparation of the drink.

Step 2:

Prepare the milk. A little warm up it, then use the Cappuccino in the coffee machine to a lush lather milk and air condition. Having stable foam, putting on the table espresso, milk froth and the resulting glass latte. This can be Irish-glass, or any other tall glass.

Step 3:

Put milk foam in a glass. Then, carefully and slowly pour a thin stream into her espresso. With the right preparation you'll get a hot drink with a distinctly visible layers of coffee and milk foam at the same time would be on top. Do not try to create a drawing on this foam, as it is much airier than the foam for cappuccino, ideal for latte art.

Step 4:

Diversify your latte. Try to add the syrups for coffee or cinnamon. Syrup, thus, also need to pour a thin stream. The best thing for this hot coffee cocktail suitable syrup tasteful black currant or nutty. Sprinkle with cinnamon. It is also possible to make a latte with alcohol - use amaretto or rum.