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How to prepare coffee french press

French-press is called a cylindrical jar made of glass, porcelain or plastic with a piston connected to the grid and small cap. Some brew it in tea, but it was originally created to make coffee. The advantage of French-press coffee maker to drop is the fact that the coffee in it turns fragrant and tastier by oils contained in coffee beans. Filter drip coffee makers detain them.

How to prepare coffee french press

Instruction how to prepare coffee french press

Step 1:

Prepare the water. For good coffee need oxygenated water, with small amounts of mineral substances. Take bottled mineral water or miss the tap water through special filters. Dial little more water than the volume of the vessel in the French-Press, and bring it to the boil.

Step 2:

For a delicious flavored coffee is very important fresh grind. It is better if you buy a drink and beans will grind it just before cooking. For French-press needs a medium or coarse grind. If you are still going to buy ground coffee, choose the one which shows the icon, or circles of French-press.

Step 3:

Place the desired quantity of ground coffee into the flask. Typically, for every 150-200 ml of water put about 3 tablespoons of the tea beverage. Pour boiling water over the coffee. Do not pour water "neckline" - you must stay place for the piston.

Step 4:

Pull the plunger up and place the lid on the jar. Allow the coffee to absorb water and stain it in dense brown color. If the surface of the drink foam is formed, it means, that is made from freshly roasted coffee beans. After a few minutes, start evenly and slowly push the plunger. It is not necessary to hurry, sudden movements can lead to the fact that hot coffee spill from under the cover of on your hands and scald them.

Step 5:

Wait until the press reaches the end and squeeze the thick to the bottom of the vessel. Pour the coffee into cups.

Step 6:

If you do not drink coffee all at once, pour it into a thermos to drink to stay warm. Some French presses are supplied with special thermal insulating heaters. After each use, thoroughly clean not only the container but also the piston, paying special attention to the filter.