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How to quench their thirst in the heat

The hot days of summer - the perfect time for the beverage industry. From refrigerators and shelves in supermarkets swept away everything that can quench your thirst. Each person will be useful to know what is possible and what is impossible to drink in the heat.

How to quench their thirst in the heat

Instruction how to quench their thirst in the heat

Step 1:

Drink in the heat of normal and mineral water. This is the most affordable drinks to quench your thirst. Physicians should always carry a bottle of water, not to forget the time to replenish its reserves in the body. Drink better in small portions before you feel thirsty.

Step 2:

In the summer, give preference to healthy drinks such as green tea without sugar. It is believed that it is perfectly quenches thirst, normalizes blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. Green tea drink in moderate doses (less than 3.4 cups), since an excess of negatively affects the liver and kidneys.

Step 3:

Natural unsweetened juices help to quench their thirst, reduce feelings of hunger, make up the content of vitamins and minerals in the body. An excellent tool is considered the lemon juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5. This drink prevents excessive sweating. Due to the content of vitamin C lemon juice eliminates the effects of heat such as lethargy, fatigue and headache.

Step 4:

Natural kvass and ayran - effective summer drink, perfectly quenches thirst and hunger. In hot weather, and useful dairy products - fermented baked milk or yogurt.

Step 5:

Drink natural berry fruit drinks in the summer. They rescue the body from thirst and fill it with vitamins and antioxidants.

Step 6:

In the hot season Minimize consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages. It is better to confine 1-2 cups a day. Caffeine - a diuretic. It increases blood pressure and dehydrates the body.

Step 7:

Avoid soft drinks. They are high in sugar, which is why only provoke thirst.

Step 8:

Do not drink too cold drinks. Such fluids do not make up the deficit of moisture, stimulate the sweat glands and staying longer in the stomach. The ideal temperature of drinks in the heat - not less than 14-18 degrees.

Step 9:

Do not try to quench their thirst with alcohol. These drinks lead to dehydration.

Step 10:

Do not force yourself to drink when you do not want. Excessive water content increases the load on organs, especially the heart and kidney. The more you drink, the more you sweat, because of what the body needs all the time in the new portion of the liquid. It is desirable to do 3-4 sips every half hour.