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How to squeeze the juice from the beets

Beetroot - an incredibly useful product. It is full of a lot of vitamins and minerals that help the digestive system, stabilize the heart activity, and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. The systematic use of beet juice is much increases the tone of the whole organism.

How to squeeze the juice from the beets

You will need:

- beet; - Juicer; - Grater; - Gauze.

Instruction how to squeeze the juice from the beets

Step 1:

Natural beet juice is a powerful natural cleaner body. It removes waste products and toxins from the kidneys, gall bladder and liver. This is due to high content of nutrients: potassium, sodium, chlorine, calcium, iron, sulfur, vitamin B6 and vitamin A.

Step 2:

To get beet juice, carefully wash and clean a few root vegetables, then pass them through the juicer.

Step 3:

If you do not, you can squeeze the juice and hands. To do this, rub the cleaned beets on a grater, put it in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice out of the mix. Note that the smaller will float, the more juice you can get at squeezing.

Step 4:

For juice, use only vinegretnuyu beets. It is suitable for the treatment of many diseases, and the juice out of it is saturated, bright colors.

Step 5:

Action beet juice on the body is quite large. From it may even increase the temperature and more frequent palpitations. Therefore, its use should start with a small amount. For example, two tablespoons a day.

Step 6:

Drink of the beet is not very pleasant to the taste, so it can be diluted with a little water and a few drops of lemon juice. You can prepare a mixture of beet, carrot and apple juice. It is not only useful, but also quite tasty.

Step 7:

Use beet juice to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. To this dilute it with water at a ratio of 1:10 on the day and drink a glass of such a mixture for a week. After some time, this procedure can be repeated.

Step 8:

It will help a drink and people with kidney stones or gall bladder. But drink it, in this case, in combination with carrot and cucumber juices a long time and be very careful.

Step 9:

Due to the dietary properties of beetroot juice can be used not only overweight, but also diabetes.