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How to use Martinis

Title liquor «Martini» has long been a household name, but it's just the most popular vermouth in the world. Vermouth - aperitif made from predominantly dry white wine and spices. Like any alcoholic beverage in a martini has its own culture of drinking.

How to use Martinis

Instruction how to use a martini

Step 1:

If you decide to enjoy the spicy taste of martini - arrange a party. This drink is not suitable for feasts, its use and enjoy socializing. Martini drink made from special glasses, called "Martinka". They represent a wide inverted cones on a long thin stalk. But if your taste neat vermouth, pour it into a glass of low fat glass. If desired, use a thin straw.

Step 2:

The most common of martinok drink based martini cocktail, or simply dilute anything vermouth. Mix in a ratio of 2: 1 orange or grapefruit juice martini - you get a classic combination. You can replace one part juice with ice. If you do not like citrus juices, as suitable diluent cherry, pomegranate and pineapple nectar. In general, any fruit juice is good martini, so you can safely experiment.

Step 3:

Before the use of cool martini to a temperature of 10-15 ° C. Too cold or too warm vermouth loses its taste, for which it is so appreciated, men and women all over the world. If you do not have time to cool a bottle - add a couple of ice cubes in a glass, it will give your drink optimum temperature.

Step 4:

A snack in the use of vermouth. In Europe, on the basis of martini cocktails are served with salted crackers and nuts. Martini "Rosso" can eat a strawberry, a slice of orange or other fruit. The classic martini is considered a snack Olive on skewer, uronennaya in glass and recovered after the devastation Martinka. Some gourmets order to vermouth solid non-sharp cheeses.

Step 5:

Try to cook a cocktail with martini. The most famous cocktail - "vodka martini" (a favorite drink of James Bond) and "Dry Martini".

Step 6:

To prepare cocktail of 007 ml, mix 20 ml of 45 martini with vodka, but do not stir. Add ice and olives on a skewer.

Step 7:

"Dry Martini" - for those who like a strong option. Mix 20 ml of vermouth martini with 60-80 ml gin. Squeeze out a drop of lemon juice, add the olive and ice.