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How to vodka

Vodka - one of the most frequently counterfeited drinks. Its production cost is low, and the demand is great - this is why on the shelves are regularly counterfeits. Before buying take some time and make sure that you get the original.

How to vodka

Instruction how to define vodka

Step 1:

Try to buy only vodka in large stores - there is a risk to buy a fake is much lower. Naturally, the point of sale must have a certificate to sell alcohol - if necessary, its presence can be checked.

Step 2:

Inspect rows of vodka bottles. Capacity, closed screw cap, should be filled up to the middle of the neck, with probkoy- "his cap" - just below the shoulders. We stand next to one brand of vodka bottles level should be the same. "Floating" level - a true sign of bottling by hand.

Step 3:

Take a bottle in hand. Firm capacity must not have streaks of glue and dirt, chips and cracks. Check the quality of cork spins. Screwed in an industrial setting screw cap does not rotate, the retaining ring on it is with a cork one. Turn the bottle - out of it does not ooze liquid.

Step 4:

Please rate the quality of the beverage. Shake the bottle and check it against the light. Good vodka is absolutely clear, is not unnatural yellowish or pinkish hue. It should be no specks, lint, turbidity, sediment and foreign impurity.

Step 5:

Check the label and back label. They must be printed clearly contain the same information and have no grammatical error. Check the quality of their attachment. Factory label pasted exactly, the adhesive is applied gently smooth thin strips. Skewed, roughly smeared adhesive labels - a sure indicator of artisanal products.

Step 6:

Carefully read the information provided on the label. It should be printed the name of the vodka, the manufacturer's name and address, sign the certificate of conformity, bottling date, license number and a certificate of conformity, as well as the strength of the drink contains.

Step 7:

Rate flavoring qualities of vodka you can only after the purchase. However, it is for them the easiest to determine counterfeit. Open the bottle and try the vodka, not cooling it. The sharp smell of industrial alcohol, off-flavor will give you to understand that this drink should not be used. Bring the bottle back to the store, taking with him a check. Typically the buyer return the money without any problems for the defective product.