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"Live" beer with a living soul

Freshly brewed beer with a unique living microorganisms brewer's yeast, a little muddy from the fermentation products, unfiltered, not pasteurized and without preservatives - a real live beer! Well it is his natural intoxicating flavor resistant foam appetizing and indescribable intoxicating aroma.

Live beer brewed exclusively in order to be drunk immediately. In any case it is impossible to live beer stored for a long time. No more than one month storage in a cool place at temperatures below + 2 ° C live beer will not lose its flavor, and the life of brewer's yeast, which is called the living soul of beer. By the way, an important indicator of real live beer - the ability to maintain quality after a complete freeze. If a conventional beer bottle in a freezer forgotten after thawing it is stratified beer concentrate with water. Beer is simply unusable. A lively beer such temperature changes are not terrible, the whole bouquet of taste is retained. Ideally, live beer is used for three or four days, or even hours. An interesting feature of live beer - it dobrazhivaet in a packaging which will be bottled. But pasteurized - this is the frozen, canned beer. Although there is a great variety of delicious pasteurized bottled beer, many pivolyuby zatryasut head. What do you only live beer - now! The problem of storage - the main difficulty faced by the breweries in the production of live beer. Modern manufacturers have learned already and living beer sealed in plastic and glass containers. Only if they are telling the whole story? From this living beer after two months of storage in plastic will not remain to the flavor, taste and freshness is lost. Foam from a living proof of draft beer, and kept tight to the bottom of the glass. The aroma and taste of fresh beer can only be compared with the taste and aroma of fresh warm bread, which just from the bakery. Aroma light acidity and freshness inherent only true living beer. A taste of soft bread saturated hop - with hints of yeast and a light hop bitterness. Good taste characteristics is famous for live beer in the mini-breweries. It was there honored tradition, strictly adhere to the technology in the production of live beer. Small brewers appreciate its reputation. live beer price is higher than pasteurized beers. And it is rather his advantage than a disadvantage. As true connoisseurs willing to pay any money for the delicate taste of beer. Live beer rightfully belongs to the elite and absolutely natural drinks.