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Brewing Tea Is Associated

Brewing tea is associated

Associated tea - it's a great drink, known not only for its unusual shapes, but also full-bodied and aromatic taste. To get the maximum enjoyment from the taste, it is necessary to be able to brew it properly.

Instruction how to brew tea related

Step 1:

The most expensive teas are collected and processed by hand. For its…

How To Prepare Milk Pudding

How to prepare milk pudding

Milk, as well as bread, mankind began to be used in food for more than five millennia ago. The inclusion of dairy products and beverages in the diet contributes to a better assimilation of all components and increases its usefulness. Milk pudding - one of the most delicious drinks prepared on the basis of milk.


What Is The Best Beer

What is the best beer

Beer is drunk for many thousands of years in many countries around the world. This is quite an ancient drink that was already known in ancient Egypt and Babylon, China. Beer is drunk by people of different ages and nationalities. And sometimes it is difficult to understand what kind of drink beer better, since it is…

Boil Home-Brewed Beer: Beer Recipes

Boil home-brewed beer: beer recipes

Brew beer started in European monasteries in the XII century, then adopted the technology of preparation and Russian monks. For a long time to brew beer at home people were forbidden by law, particularly in the Soviet period. Today, home brewing can be engaged either.

brewing consists of three main stages: immediate cooking, beer fermentation and…

How To Prepare Coffee Liqueur

How to prepare coffee liqueur

Coffee liqueurs are part of many popular cocktails. Without them it is impossible to imagine any Espresso Martini or Black Russian. In addition, their nice drink or just a coffee, enjoying the nuances in aroma, taste and texture. There are about hundreds of different coffee liqueur: with vanilla and citrus extract, whiskey and chocolate, cream liqueurs.…

How To Drink Red Wine

How to drink red wine

Wine - a very difficult and noble drink. Drink it must be skillfully and with gusto. Red and white wine differ radically, drink and snack them in very different ways. How to correctly use a red wine?

Instruction how to drink red wine

Step 1:

It begins with the opening of the bottle. After a bottle of…

Alcohol. All About Whiskey

Alcohol. All about whiskey

Whisky - a strong alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of fermented wort, and then kept in wooden barrels. The raw material for whiskey are barley, rye, wheat and corn.

It has long been a favorite whiskey drink Celtic peoples. For the Scots and Irish, he has the same meaning as vodka for the Russian and Polish. Scotland…

What Is Rooibos

What is rooibos

There is a fairly large group of beverages, traditionally name teas. Despite this name to the infusion of the leaves of the tea bush, they are irrelevant as are made from other plants. Such beverages owns slightly sweet rooibos, which is prepared from the leaves of a bush with the same name.

Rooibos or rooibos is a shrub…

How To Drink Vodka

How to drink vodka

Each visited, probably in a situation where the morning after a fun night out with strong drinks headache and scared to look at myself in the mirror. But still need to get up and go to work ... To avoid such unpleasant situations, you just need to drink vodka correctly.

Instruction how to drink vodka

Step 1:

Before the…

How To Brew Oolong Tea

How to brew oolong tea

The art of the tea ceremony is popular not only in the east, where it originated, but also in a number of Western countries. Traditional Chinese tea ceremony Hun Fu Cha is performed exclusively with oolong teas. Oolong To get the most tasty and healthy, it must be brewed correctly.

Oolong Tea, or as it is…

How To Get A Kombucha

How to get a Kombucha

Kombucha to be very useful for the health drink has gained particular popularity in the '80s of the last century. At present, its popularity back. How to get a kombucha at home?

Instruction how to get a Kombucha

Step 1:

Leave a strong brew of black tea in a warm place for three days. After this time,…

How To Cook A Proper Espresso

How to cook a proper espresso

Espresso - a hugely popular worldwide coffee drink. It is made by means of the coffee machine by passing hot water under very high pressure through a filter with ground coffee. In order to espresso turned out really delicious, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of its preparation.

Use only freshly ground coffee.…

Homemade Wine On Dandelions

Homemade wine on dandelions

Recipe of wine from dandelions - is not a myth. He came from the depths of centuries, of old England, and to present the pores has not lost its popularity. Dandelion Wine is not only has an unusual taste - it can help in the treatment of diseases such as anemia, tuberculosis, and also strengthens the immune…

How To Brew Coffee In The Cup

How to brew coffee in the cup

True connoisseurs of coffee prefer to cook it in a Turk, or at least a coffee machine. But if the opportunity to cook "real coffee" no, not necessarily to use soluble surrogate. Natural ground coffee, brewed in a cup, of course, inferior beverage prepared by all the rules, but it far exceeds even a…

This Strange Puer Tea, Or What Invigorates Stronger Than Coffee

This strange Puer tea, or what invigorates stronger than coffee

More and more European countries are beginning to adopt the cultural traditions of the mysterious East, studying their lifestyle, eating habits and peculiarities of national color. The true treasure of modern China is a tea, in particular some of its varieties. Puer tea is revered abroad is almost as high as…

How To Cook Ground Coffee In Turku

How to cook ground coffee in Turku

One of the oldest ways to make coffee is boiling it in a special container called a Turk. Prepare the coffee in Turku is not difficult, but this method has a number of features.

Instruction how to brew ground coffee in Turku

Step 1:

Pour in Turku you need to make the amount of cold…

How To Cook A Vitamin Cocktail Of Sea Buckthorn

How to cook a vitamin cocktail of sea buckthorn

Not for anyone no secret that the immune system is lame nowadays many. The reasons, of course, for this are many, but we will not know. It's summer, which means it's time to harden and strengthen it. In other words, to raise him in all possible ways. I offer you the recipe…

How To Drink White Wine

How to drink white wine

How nice after a hard day to get into his favorite chair with his feet, take a glass of white wine golden, pinch off a piece of flavored cheese ... Stop! Are you sure that he will come to this wine? And if the wine is too warm? You know how to drink white wine? This…

How To Choose White Tea

How to choose white tea

White tea is produced by processing a minimum of tender tea leaves and buds. It is usually only dried in the open air or steam. White - one of the most expensive and rare types of tea, his best grade you can not buy in the supermarket, but elected not to be found in specialty tea…

How To Prepare The Juice

How to prepare the juice

Juice - a great alternative to fresh vegetables and fruits, especially in winter and spring. One hundred percent natural juice found in stores less and less. Therefore it is better to prepare in advance a fresh juice for the winter.

Instruction how to prepare juice

Step 1:

Filter the juice only mature, whole, untouched by pests and…

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