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Brewing And Drinking Green Tea

Brewing and drinking green tea

Green tea a lot of advantages. Due contained therein catechine it reduces body fat and regulates body weight. Theanine it helps strengthen the immune system and has a positive effect on the nervous and mental activity. Antioxidants prevent aging and the adverse effects of the environment. But all the positive properties are typical only for properly…

How To Make Wine From Chokeberry On Apple Juice

How to make wine from chokeberry on apple juice

Black chokeberry (aronia) - a tasty and tart berry that is very valuable for home winemaking. However, the aromatic black-purple fruit lacks richness and acid in order to get out of them quite strong drink. You can make wine from chokeberry on the apple juice, then taste chokeberry give the end product…

How To Cook A Good Coffee

How to cook a good coffee

Properly brewed coffee aroma affects surprising and uplifting. And the maximum stored therein nutrients. To brew good coffee, you need to know a few secrets of its preparation.

You will need:

- coffee beans; - Copper Turk (pots); - A silver teaspoon with a long handle; - Clean cold water or ice; - Spices (ginger, cloves,…

How To Drink Martini Extra Dry

How to drink Martini extra dry

Martini Extra Dry - is dry, characterized by a lack of bitter taste drink light color. It has fresh fruit aromas with a touch of lemon, raspberry or iris. Taste characteristics, and the minimum amount of sugar the main advantages of a martini.

Instruction drinking martini extra dry

Step 1:

You can use Martini Extra Dry…

How To Drink Armagnac

How to drink Armagnac

Armagnac is a fragrant brandy from the French province of Gascony. The closest relative of his, cognac, though younger than 150 years, but is more popular. But experts say that his best sustained brand thin and gorgeous in texture, taste, aroma. Armagnac, unlike brandy, distilled only once, which means that the longer he spends in barrels (from…

Can I Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer

Can I drink non-alcoholic beer

There are different opinions whether to drink non-alcoholic beer at the wheel, on the street, as well as use it to pregnant women or during illness. After all, it still contains a small amount of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beer is actually a low-alcohol drink, as it still contains ethyl alcohol about 0.5% by volume. Although it does…

What Do The Stars On Cognac

What do the stars on cognac

There were times when cognacs in our country was very small. But now a large range of these products is no surprise. If in Soviet times we had only goods from Armenia, now it is possible to choose cognac different brand and country of origin.

When buying cognac most importantly - do not make the…

Champagne For New Year: How To Make Beautiful

Champagne for New Year: how to make beautiful

Beautifully decorated champagne will be well in harmony with the general New Year's decoration of the room. In addition, the bottle, decorated with their own hands, can become a worthy gift.

Instruction champagne on the new year: how to make beautiful

Step 1:

Tear off the label with the name champagne bottle and clean…

How To Make Homemade Grape Wine

How to make homemade grape wine

Grape wine - one of the oldest and most useful beverages. Daily use 50 ml of the dry wine increases appetite, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You will need:

- Wine grape varieties Isabella, Muscat, Cabernet; - 10- or 20-liter plastic bottle with a lid; - Vinyl tube.

Instruction how to make…

How To Make Wine From Pears

How to make wine from pears

To prepare the wine of pears you can use any variety of fruit. Harvested ripe pears should be processed immediately. Wild Fruits and coarse grades should be kept in a warm place until tender.

You will need:

For the preparation of the wine: - 10 kg of pears; - 5 kg of sugar; - 10 liters…

How To Prepare A Cappuccino

How to prepare a cappuccino

Cappuccino - a nice coffee drink is originally from Italy. It is based on a combination of espresso, milk, and milk foam. Invigorating drink consumed preferably in the morning, but the evening cup of cappuccino and give unforgettable pleasure. Cook it at home and enjoy it with loved ones near.

You will need:

espresso 2 tablespoons milk…

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