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How Should You Drink Vodka

How should you drink vodka

In order not to experience a hangover and do not get drunk to unconsciousness, need to learn the proper reception of alcoholic beverages. Vodka belongs to the strong alcohol. According to etiquette, use this drink from a special variety of dishes with a good snack.

Instruction how to drink vodka

Step 1:

Drink vodka only if started…

How To Identify The Tea

How to identify the tea

Tea is one of the most ancient beverages, its age is more than 5000 years. Now on sale there is a lot of variety of teas. Not to be mistaken, and only buy a quality product, you must know how to choose it.

Instruction how to define the tea

Step 1:

Discard the purchase of tea bags,…

How To Prepare Coffee French Press

How to prepare coffee french press

French-press is called a cylindrical jar made of glass, porcelain or plastic with a piston connected to the grid and small cap. Some brew it in tea, but it was originally created to make coffee. The advantage of French-press coffee maker to drop is the fact that the coffee in it turns fragrant and tastier…

How To Choose A Drinking Water

How to choose a drinking water

Consumption of high-quality living water saturated with nutrients is very important for a person. This affects both our health and the general state of the organism. Currently, the water is very developed business, so it is important to know how to choose the right drinking water.

Instruction how to choose a drinking water

Step 1:


How To Squeeze The Juice From The Beets

How to squeeze the juice from the beets

Beetroot - an incredibly useful product. It is full of a lot of vitamins and minerals that help the digestive system, stabilize the heart activity, and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. The systematic use of beet juice is much increases the tone of the whole organism.

You will need:

- beet; - Juicer;…

How To Make A Tincture Of Cayenne Pepper

How to make a tincture of cayenne pepper

Red hot pepper is widely used in medicine. It contains vitamin A, C, essential oils, kapsantsin that give it therapeutic properties. In domestic medicine pepper is most commonly used as a tincture, promotes hair growth.

You will need:

- 2 small pod of dry red pepper; - 200 ml of vodka. Or: - 1/4…

How To Make Indian Tea

How to make Indian tea

For brewing tea Indian take only a clean, clear water. The mineral is not suitable for this purpose, because it contains a large amount of various salts. The mixed drink use once, until he lost the color, flavor and useful properties.

You will need:

- Indian tea; - Lemon; - Sugar; - Water; - Spices; - Teapot.…

How To Brew Tea Masala

How to brew tea masala

Masala - an ancient and very popular in Indian ayurvedic tea with spices. This drink is considered to be a good tool to enhance immunity, helps with colds, useful in a lack of energy and general lethargy. In the summer of masala tea quenches thirst, and cold - warm fine.

You will need:

- a glass of…

How To Prepare A Decoction Of Dried Prunes

How to prepare a decoction of dried prunes

Prunes are good for the body, because it contains many minerals, vitamins, fiber and fructose, as well as a large amount of tannins and organic acids. No less useful and a decoction of dried prunes.

You will need:

- prunes; - Water; - Gauze; - Beets; - Hercules; - Sugar; - Tea.

Instruction how…

How To Prepare A Cocktail Of Rum

How to prepare a cocktail of rum

Rum - liquid gold of the Caribbean. Not with all the rum you can or need to prepare a cocktail, but every cocktail with rum - this is certainly a strong, fragrant, intoxicating drink, suitable for a spicy summer nights, and for fun beach parties or light afternoon cocktail party.

You will need:

Punch planter…

How To Make An Alcoholic Cocktail

How to make an alcoholic cocktail

What could be nicer than to while away an evening with friends over a glass of cool and delicious alcoholic cocktail? And for this it is not necessary to go to the bar and spread the considerable amount of drink that can be easily made at home. One of the classic alcoholic cocktails mojito considered.…

How To Prepare A Cocktail With Whiskey

How to prepare a cocktail with whiskey

Only a true connoisseur, using a whiskey in its purest form, can feel a unique bouquet of this noble and unusual taste to the beverage. Yet, more often it is drunk diluted, or used as a basis for making some cocktails.

You will need:

For cocktail with apple juice - 150ml apple juice; - 50…

How To Read A Wine Label

How to read a wine label

The current variety of wines on the shelves catches the eye and allows the lovers of this drink to enjoy it, selecting it according to their preferences. But what about buyers still inexperienced in the choice of wine, but have the desire to understand it. First, let's get acquainted with the rules of reading wine…

How To Cook Real Coffee

How to cook real coffee

Coffee - a drink for many people. Today, coffee is on the list of best-selling products. To properly prepare this delicious and aromatic beverage, several "golden" rules must be observed.

You will need:

Coffee, water, Turk, salt, sugar and spices.

Instruction how to cook real coffee

Step 1:

Buy organic coffee beans and grind as needed. Coffee is…

How To Cook From Frozen Berry Compote

How to cook from frozen berry compote

In winter, when the body already rather longing for fresh berries, a perfect solution can be stewed, cooked from frozen fruit. Thanks to modern technology, fast freezing berries, laid up in the summer, keep the best of their vitamins. To these vitamins are better preserved and compote cook it, observing the following rules.


How To Prepare A Cocktail With Sambuca

How to prepare a cocktail with sambuca

"Sambuca" - a famous Italian liqueur. He has a positive effect on digestion, strengthens the immune system, has some therapeutic effect for colds and coughs, increases vitality and gives energy. "Sambuca" is often used for cocktails.

You will need:

- Liquor "Sambuca", - syrup "Grenadine"; - Absinthe; - Liqueur "Baileys"; - Liqueur "Kahlua"; - Tonic;…

How To Prepare A Decoction Of Raisins

How to prepare a decoction of raisins

Raisins - a great source of vitamins and minerals for our body. However, it should be remembered that the content of nutrients and sugars in it is much higher than in fresh grapes. Therefore, it is not necessary to abuse raisins. One of the best ways to use these dried fruit a decoction. This…

How To Lighten The Wine

How to lighten the wine

One of the most important indicators of the quality of wine - its transparency. Wines made from the berries of black currant, after fermentation themselves become transparent shade. A drink from plums, pears, cloudberry samoosvetlyayutsya bad, so they need additional treatment - lightening.

Instruction how to lighten the wine

Step 1:

Corked bottle of wine in a…

How To Put Home-Made Wine

How to put home-made wine

Although many of the usual store bought grape wines, there are connoisseurs of domestic fruit spirits. A rich palette of flavors, ease of preparation and availability of raw materials - that undoubted advantages of such wines. Apples - this is one of those ingredients that are available to everyone, and throughout the year.

You will need:


How To Lighten Apple Juice

How to lighten apple juice

Homemade apple juice - an excellent source of vitamins. You can drink it fresh, canned, and also used as a basis for a variety of desserts and beverages. In a delicious and fragrant juice is only one drawback - not very beautiful appearance. However, it is possible to clarify and make more transparent in the home…

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