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How To Drink Whiskey And Juice

How to drink whiskey and juice

Whisky is considered a good remedy for any kind of apathy and melancholy. Half a glass of quality whiskey can lift your mood. A daily consumption of this drink one good throat, according to experts, prevents the occurrence of heart attack. The Irish and the Scots drink tea, coffee and juices with the addition of…

Brewing Dill Seed

Brewing dill seed

A decoction of dill seed stops colic in babies, it helps with cystitis and flatulence, relieves angina, and is also used for cosmetic compresses and washings. It is easy to cook at home from raw materials purchased in a pharmacy or collected independently.

Instruction how to brew dill seed

Step 1:

Rate the freshness and quality purchased seeds. The…

How Do Tincture On Alcohol

How do tincture on alcohol

Bitter or sweet fragrant tincture on alcohol are able to "pull" from herbs, buds, roots and berries not only the taste, color, odor, and useful properties. Sweet liqueur made with the addition of sugar syrup, is a bit "too far" with sugar, increasing the dose to 30 grams per 100 ml to 35 grams and home…

Simple Recipe Jelly Cranberry

Simple recipe jelly cranberry

This simple recipe will allow to cook tasty and healthy cranberry jelly. It is great to warm the cold winter evenings and saturate the body with vitamins.

You will need:

Clean water - about 2 liters; Cranberries (fresh or frozen) - 1 standard glass; Sugar - 0.3-1 cup; Starch - 2 tablespoons.

Instruction simple recipe jelly cranberry


Kefir - Unusual Drink

Kefir - unusual drink

Benefits of yogurt for the human body is undeniable. However, there are other features of this drink, which is worth paying attention to.

Kefir is useful amino acids, calcium and beneficial bacteria. It has beneficial effects on the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. To kefir benefited, you need to use it in moderation no more than…

10 Most Common Myths About Alcohol

10 most common myths about alcohol

There are a lot of myths about spirits. Given how many people regularly consume alcohol, it is easy to understand, where do these myths and "evidence". There are 10 of the most common myths about alcohol.

Instruction 10 of the most common myths about alcohol

Step 1:

Light drinks (beer, wine) are less harmful than the…

How To Make A Tincture Of Cherries

How to make a tincture of cherries

Tincture with vodka among the people, perhaps no less popular than wine store. People make homemade tinctures made from various fruits and berries, but especially popular raw material for such drinks is cherry. This berry, as opposed to the sweet cherry, is small, and sweet it will not name. But the cherry liqueur with…

How To Cook Flavored Apple Wine

How to cook flavored apple wine

Experienced winemakers create many branded recipes flavored home-made wines. Truly a unique raw material for the production of such drinks are apples - they do not have too intense flavor of juice gratefully accepts a variety of additives for taste and smell. Prepare flavored apple wine for a true gourmet - a real pleasure. Plenty…

How To Prepare Pear Liqueur Wine At Home

How to prepare pear liqueur wine at home

Early varieties of pears in central Russia are usually abundant fruit, and the fruit ripens at the same time, to quickly become soft and may rot. To harvest is not lost, it must be treated as soon as possible. For example, to prepare pear liqueur wine at home. This is a sweet alcoholic…

Useful And Therapeutic Properties Of Willow-Herb

Useful and therapeutic properties of willow-herb

Ivan tea - a great drink with a delicate aroma, supports the body in good shape and strengthen it. It is rich in vitamins (vitamin C content is much higher than its content in lemon), organic acids, pectin, tannins, a set of trace elements. The feature of this plant is that the processing are all…

Simple Recipe For Cinnamon Tea

Simple recipe for cinnamon tea

Despite the fact that there are so many kinds of tea, which include cinnamon, sometimes is pampered by a single pure, spicy and seductive flavor of the spices. Use the easy recipe for cooking cinnamon tea.

You will need:

- cinnamon stick or a teaspoon of ground cinnamon; - Boiling; - Additional ingredients to choose from: black…

How To Cook At Home Sbiten

How to cook at home sbiten

Former drink distributed among the Eastern Slavs, which includes water, honey and spices, called sbiten. There are hot and cold sbiten: cold drink will help you quench your thirst on a hot day, and the hot sbiten has a warming and anti-inflammatory action.

You will need:

- honey - 4 tbsp. l .; - Dried mint…

How To Make Wine From Grapes

How to make wine from grapes

The history of winemaking has many thousands of years in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, wine was considered curative drink gift from the gods. Many of the events in a person's life are accompanied by wine, when he is bad, he drowns in grief caused when there is a pleasant event, the wine flows like…

How Much Time And How To Cook Compote Of Apples

How much time and how to cook compote of apples

Apples - this is probably the most common fruits in Russia. Due to the abundance of exotics on the shelves, we sometimes forget about the benefits of their own domestic products. Sometimes it is useful to recall that the great benefits bear fruit grown just in the place of residence. And…

How To Make Homemade Wine From Plum

How to make homemade wine from plum

Wine made with his own hands, it will be much healthier and tastier than store bought. In home wine no chemical additives, because it is made from fruits collected in your own garden. This drink can be prepared not only from the grapes, but also apples, cherries, pears, currants, gooseberries and other fruits and…

Why Milk Sours

Why milk sours

Milk - a beverage that is loved and adults and children. It is good for health and good thirst quencher. But the store's milk is hard enough - it can turn sour, to change its structure and taste. Why is this happening and how to avoid it?

In order to understand the causes of acidification of milk, you…

Why Sour Milk

Why sour milk

Milk - a valuable product. Its use in food useful for most people. Unfortunately, both fresh and pasteurized milk quickly spoils. Knowing the answer to the question of why the milk turns sour, you can ensure longer storage.

The reasons that lead to spoilage of milk, namely his prokisaniya - somewhat. The main reason for milk prokisaniya during…

How To Make Ice Tea

How to make ice tea

Tea - one of the most popular beverages worldwide. It quenches thirst, has a pleasant taste and can be eaten either hot or cold.

You will need:

For cold black tea with spices: - 3 black tea bags or 3 tsp .; - Cinnamon half tsp .; - Ginger root 2 cm; - Cloves 5-7 pieces; -…

Brewing Linden Blossom

Brewing linden blossom

Linden flowers have long been used to treat various ailments (colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and even infertility). Ancient Slavs treated with special reverence linden, it was used in various ceremonies, was decorated for the holidays. In folk medicine used lime buds, leaves, and even cork and wood tar out of her, but this "healer" is a lime color.


Brewing Valerian

Brewing valerian

The first mention about the healing properties of valerian date back to the I century BC The official and folk medicine, tinctures and decoctions of valerian is recommended for strengthening the nervous system. They are used as an antispasmodic and means, as well as to improve digestion. plant name in Latin means to be healthy. And it speaks for…

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