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Why Do We Drink Tea

Why do we drink tea

How pleasant it is to spend a cold winter evening over a cup of tea warming, or enjoy a cool iced tea in the summer heat ... Tea for more than four and a half thousand years, it takes pride of place among the delicious and medicinal beverage. And no wonder!

Instruction why we drink tea

Step 1:…

How To Drink Absinthe Black

How to drink absinthe black

Unlike other types of absinthe, black is made not on the basis of leaves and inflorescences, and wormwood roots. Currant shade gives the drink an infusion of black acacia catechu, which dilutes the absinthe bitterness and subtle berry liqueur notes. This absinthe has to be very strong (up 70%). This castle is due to the need…

How To Decorate A Bottle Of Champagne On New Year'S Eve

How to decorate a bottle of champagne on New Year's Eve

New Year's holidays - a period of repeated visits to friends and relatives. Since Russia is not accepted to go to visit empty-handed, then they usually take a bottle of champagne. To please to invite you to visit people decorate the bottle, using only your imagination and a few readily…

How To Decorate The Bottle On New Year'S Eve

How to decorate the bottle on New Year's Eve

Even the usual bottle of champagne could turn into an original and unique gift, if you show a little imagination and decorate it, for example, the image of Santa Claus.

You will need:

- A bottle of champagne; - Artistic acrylic primer; - Swipe to blend sandwich; - White acrylic paint; -Green acrylic…

How To Drink Tea Hibiscus

How to drink tea Hibiscus

Hibiscus - flower tea, which is prepared from the dried Sudanese rose petals, one species of hibiscus. It is believed that this tea has anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. Hibiscus drink in hot or chilled by adding ice and sugar drink.

You will need:

- dried Sudanese rose petals; - Soft water; - Lemon peel; - Sugar; -…

How To Make A Tincture Of Pine Nuts

How to make a tincture of pine nuts

Pine nuts are rich in vitamins and trace elements, they are well absorbed in the body and have a very soft a therapeutic effect. Because their nuclei are produced medicinal tinctures, healing various diseases.

You will need:

- pine nuts; - Alcohol or vodka; - Dark bottles or cans.

Instruction how to make a…

How To Drink Dark Rum

How to drink dark rum

Rum has long been considered a drink of seafarers. All of them, starting with the pirates of the XVII century and ending with the British sailors XX, took with them to swimming a lot of reserves of the Roma because of its antiseptic and warming properties. Today, there are three kinds of rum - white, gold…

How To Drink Cocoa

How to drink cocoa

Cocoa - the universal drink for the cold season. He likes children and adults, can be very nutritious and it is dietary. On a cold morning hot drink will warm up and cheer. Well, after the evening meal there is nothing better than a mug of hot cocoa and cookies in a close family circle.

You will…

How To Drink A Dry Wine

How to drink a dry wine

Dry wine - alcoholic drink from 9 to 16 degrees, prepared from grapes. Natural wine is obtained by fermentation of grape juice. This is an ancient beverage that people called the gift of the gods, and created a culture of its use, wine etiquette.

You will need:

- white wine glass; - Glass of red wine;…

How To Make A Tincture Of Garlic

How to make a tincture of garlic

Since ancient times, garlic is used as a natural healing agent that helps to get rid of a large number of diseases and ailments. Most often used for this garlic tincture, which has several cooking options.

Instruction how to make a tincture of garlic

Step 1:

Take 40 grams of crushed fresh garlic (preferably young),…

Brewing Chinese Green Tea

Brewing Chinese green tea

Chinese green tea attributed to slabofermentirovannym teas. It is obtained from the tea plant leaves by treatment at high temperatures, curling, drying, or frying. In order not to spoil the taste of the drink, green tea and pu-erh, it is recommended to wash and steam out before welding.

You will need:

- flask for tea; - drinking water;…

How To Overtake Wine

How to overtake wine

In the XIV century in France alcohol obtained by distillation of wine, called aqua vitae, and considered a wonder drug that can prolong life. Under the same name it was known in Italy. wine distillation secret himself Europeans received from Arab healers who possessed them in the first centuries of our era. Now grape alcohol used in…

Brewing Japanese Tea

Brewing Japanese tea

Tea bush and processing technology of its leaves were brought to Japan from China. Like many Chinese varieties, the best-known Japanese teas are green. They are distinguished by a characteristic grassy taste and contain more moisture than Chinese teas. For this reason, Japanese tea is recommended to store in a cool place. Moreover, unlike the Chinese Puerh these…

How To Drink Whiskey

How to drink whiskey

Hard drinking whiskey standards do not exist, but this drink at home - in Scotland - there is a tradition called the "rule of five S». Adherence to this principle would allow to fully enjoy the great taste and aroma.

Instruction how to drink whiskey

Step 1:

Drink whiskey need of special low glasses called "tubler" wide and…

How To Make A Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

How to make a non-alcoholic mulled wine

A glass of hot mulled wine aroma is so appropriate on a cold winter evening. Yes, even in good society, but in the comfort of ... However, we must always bear in mind that companies may be people who do not drink alcohol. In this case it is reasonable to take care of the…

How To Make A Tincture Of Aloes

How to make a tincture of aloes

Aloe - well-known medicinal plant called the agave in the home. It is used in various inflammatory processes, wounds and burns, to strengthen the immune system and even tuberculosis. It is important to know exactly in what form to use aloe and prepare tinctures based on it for maximum effect.

Instruction how to make…

How To Quench Your Thirst

How to quench your thirst

The hot summer months, the human body is subjected to stress this - one day it loses moisture twice as much as usual! Lack of fluid fraught with thirst, which is able to bring to literally fainting. There are many ways to deal with lust, just need to decide which one is right for your body…

Brewing Licorice

Brewing licorice

Licorice is well known among the supporters of traditional medicine as a treatment for colds. Among all its forms for the treatment of respiratory diseases using licorice naked. It has antitussive effect, and liquefies phlegm. It can be purchased in the form of a drug (licorice syrup) or in dry powdered form (licorice root). In the second case it…

How To Make A Cola

How to make a cola

Even in the most remote parts of the world people know this beverage as Coke. Amazing, no incomparable taste of it stored once and for all. The world-famous US company for decades carefully hides recipe cola beverage lovers but not abandoned their attempts to reveal the secret and to prove his genius, presenting to the public…

How To Cook A French-Press

How to cook a French-Press

In the French-press to make coffee is very convenient, practical and fast. But to drink has a delicious and fragrant, you must abide by the rules and cooking sequence.

Instruction how to cook French-Press

Step 1:

Preheat cup french press. To do this, rinse it with very hot water and dry. Coffee beans roasting Peremel any degree…

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