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How To Make A Flower Apple Cocktail

How to make a flower apple cocktail

If you are one of those foodies who love fresh drinks, such a drink will have you on the soul. Unusual delicate aroma gives the drink elegance, and most importantly - you'll want to try it again.

You will need:

-Fresh juice of 2 limes and 3 apples -Pink water 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon…

How To Make Peach Cocktail With Rosemary

How to make peach cocktail with rosemary

Peach and rosemary in a cocktail - a wonderful combination. The drink will appeal to everyone, because he has a really good taste and color. Great choice for holidays and parties.

You will need:

For the syrup: -1 cup sugar -1 cup water -1 sprig of rosemary for a cocktail: 4 ripe peach slices 1/2…

How To Make Tea-Punch

How to make tea-punch

Tea - a favorite Russian drink. But as it is transformed, if prepared in an unusual way. For example, to prepare not only tea, but tea-punch or mead.

You will need:

Carnation - 3 buds, water - 270 ml of tea - 500 ml, allspice - 2-3 pieces, sugar -. '70, Red wine - 780 ml lemon -…

Damage Energy Drinks: Myth Or Reality?

Damage energy drinks: myth or reality?

Energy drinks are quite popular drink is used to enhance the enforcement activity, eliminate periodic feelings of fatigue performance of the higher physical stress on the body, increasing endurance, etc.

The basic structure is an energy drink caffeine, taurine, melatonin kartinina, Mateine, guarana, vitamin B and other substances. At their expense amplifies metabolism, reduced…

Simple Recipes Useful Juice

Simple recipes useful juice

Juices are very useful. Individually and in cocktails they have different effects. Some help clean off your body, gain strength, the other - to calm down and improve their health.

To derive from the body of toxins that have accumulated over a long period of time, is very good grape juice. For recuperation: 1 orange, 1/3 grapefruit,…

How To Make A Green Smoothie

How to make a green smoothie

The unique properties of green plants help a person to deal with many ailments. This is not surprising, since the structure of the chlorophyll molecules ( "green blood of plants"), like the molecular structure of red blood cells (hemoglobin) in the blood. As chlorophyll and hemoglobin have the same atomic structure to build molecules and…

Secrets Of Green Tea

Secrets of green tea

The popularity of green tea is growing every day. Many people drink beverages on its basis, due to concern about their own health. For this reason, the traditional morning cup of coffee is increasingly replaces a healthy tea.

The composition includes green tea catechin. This mutation prevents material body and protects the cells from the development of…

The Best Summer Drinks: Tea For Health And Mood

The best summer drinks: tea for health and mood!

During warmer months, delicious and soft drinks are indispensable - they are not only quench your thirst, but also help to keep yourself in shape. Drink can be a completely random order, most importantly, to drink three or four cups daily, preferably in the interval between meals.

By using herbal infusions,…

Learning Of Beverages: Carbonated Water

Learning of beverages: carbonated water

Choosing sweet drinks, pay attention to what ingredients it contains. The carbonated beverage composition is nothing special, only carbon dioxide, acidulants, colorants, water, sugar and other ingredients.

Sweet drinks to 85-99% of water. Large manufacturers monitor the quality of the liquid, acquiring modern cleaning systems. This product is absolutely safe. The carbonated beverage contains 10% sugar,…

Useful Than Tea

Useful than tea

Tea - one of the favorite drinks of our people, it contains 2-3% caffeine - a substance that is a good tonic. In addition to caffeine in tea include tannin, essential oils and other chemicals that give the beverage an excellent flavor and aroma.

Everyone has the habit to a certain teas, a beverage concentration (strong, medium and…

Drink Strawberry

Drink Strawberry

Strawberries ripen one of the first. Its season begins in late May and can last almost until the September. Most of the fruit is eaten fresh or spent on the workpiece, but the remaining can be cooked many delicious drinks, which in the hot summer weather will be most welcome.

You will need:

Margarita: - 500 g of berries; -…

Recipes Milkshakes

Recipes milkshakes

Milkshakes - absolutely any cocktails based on milk or milk products. You can cook a delicious milkshake yogurt, kefir, cream and other beneficial ingredients.

You will need:

Milk, ice cream, yogurt, syrups, juices, honey, sugar and cocoa.

Instruction recipes for milkshakes

Step 1:

"Classic milkshake" is made of 300 g of ice cream, 1 liter of milk, syrup, strawberry, cherry or…

How To Brew Pu'Er

How to brew pu'er

Puer - an elite Chinese tea, taste and aroma which deservedly able to assess not only gourmets, but also chaemany-lovers. Some people appreciate this amazing drink for its special flavor and invigorating effect, while others - for the healing properties. But not to experience the frustration of the first "meeting" with this extraordinary representative of the family…

The Snack Cognac

The snack cognac

In Russia, a brandy traditionally served lemon. However, the panelists believe that it is hardly possible to think of the worst support, because the bright taste of lemon interrupts the taste and smell of the drink.

It is believed that the tradition of a snack cognac lemon put Nicholas II, but it is not known what spodviglo Emperor…

Which Glass To Drink Any

Which glass to drink any

A glass of wine - not just some kind of container that is filled with a drink. Experts agree that a certain type of beverage wine needs a special kind of wine glass to form a unique bouquet of taste.

The fact that the glass depends on the shape and feel of the beverage. And different…

What Cocktails Can Be Prepared On The Basis Of Campari

What cocktails can be prepared on the basis of Campari

Campari (Italian Campari.) - Italian liqueur based on herbs and fruits with a pronounced bitter taste. The recipe and the ingredients of the bitters, which appeared as early as 1861, the creators are still kept secret. According to various estimates it consists of 40 to 68 herbs, spices and fruits.…

What Makes Coca-Cola

What makes Coca-Cola

More recently disclosed secret became the most popular beverage in the world. Since 1886 the creators of Coca-Cola in strict secrecy kept secret formula of this product.

"Sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid, carbon dioxide, and caramel extract" Coca-Cola "- a composition for a long time has been specified on the label of the drink. But what a strange extract,…

What Is The Difference Of Mescal Tequila

What is the difference of mescal tequila

Mezcal and tequila - Mexican distillers of alcoholic beverages based juice of the agave. They have so much in common that they are sometimes mistaken for the two names of the same species of alcohol. However, mezcal and tequila have a number of significant differences.

Mezcal and tequila owe their origin drink pulque -…

What Is Different From The Coca-Cola Pepsi-Cola

What is different from the Coca-Cola Pepsi-Cola

Paradoxically, most of the world's population is quite definitely knows that he prefers - Coke or Pepsi. More than that, surely, each one of them will be able to describe the difference in the taste of the two beverages. However, if there is really the difference - a very controversial issue.

Coca-Cola was developed…

What Cocktails Can Be Prepared On The Basis Of The Roma

What cocktails can be prepared on the basis of the Roma

Rum - a traditional alcoholic beverage based on sugarcane in Central and Latin America. The first mention of it in Europe belongs to the mid-17th century. Since rum is a strong alcoholic drink with a unique taste, the greatest popularity, he won the world as a basis for the preparation…

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