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Becherovka. How To Drink The Drink Czech

Becherovka. How to drink the drink Czech

Becherovka - the world-famous Czech liqueur strength of approximately 38% produced in the suburb of Karlovy Vary on the basis of extracts and infusions of more than 20 kinds of medicinal herbs. Primarily used as a remedy for stomach ailments.

Instruction Becherovka. how to drink the drink Czech

Step 1:

Serve neat Becherovka as an…

Why Melt Water And How To Cook It

Why melt water and how to cook it

The debate about what is better to use water - natural, tap or thawed - being a long time. Recently preference scientists and traditional healers are the same. According to them melt water has all the necessary qualities and characteristics, a positive effect on the human body. These conclusions are based not on…

How To Make Wine From The Rowan

How to make wine from the rowan

Make wine at home can be of Aronia or red (wild) rowan. From chernoplodki it turns densely colored, having a tart taste wine, which resembles a grape. The alcoholic beverage of wild rowan is a beautiful amber color, however, if the berries are collected until frost, the wine will have an unpleasant bitterness.


How To Brew Green Tea

How to brew green tea

Green tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, it is perfectly tones and refreshes, it helps burn fat and improves metabolism. But in order to fully enjoy the beneficial drink, it should be brewed correctly.

Choose the right water for brewing. The best option - bottled spring. Suitable and soft water with a neutral…

How To Prepare Strawberry Jelly

How to prepare strawberry jelly

Jelly is one of the traditional Russian cuisine jelly drinks. It is prepared on the basis of forest berries or natural juices. Kissel has long had grown to love both adults and children. This highly nutritious and useful product can successfully replace breakfast and give a feeling of fullness. Prepare a real strawberry jelly with unforgettable…

Brewing Wild Rose Root

Brewing wild rose root

Traditional medicine is very appreciated the healing properties of the roots of wild rose, the use of which helps get rid of many diseases. To get the most from the useful qualities of rose hips, it is necessary to be able to brew.

Instruction how to brew wild rose root

Step 1:

Broth against hepatitis VVozmite 2-3 teaspoons…

Why Wine Dry

Why wine dry

Louis Pasteur considered dry wine of the cleanest, useful and healthy beverages in the world. There is a misconception that dry wine - it's undiluted wine with water without adding sugar. In fact, all the wines are classified according to the degree of completeness of the process of fermentation and conversion of the alcohol in wine musts.


How To Use Cahors

How to use Cahors

Red wine, got its name from the town of Cahors in France, has long been associated with the sacred rites of the Orthodox Church. In Russian houses Cahors is often served at Easter and Christmas, but this thick rich drink is perfect for everyday family meals. But drinking sacramental wine in the crowded noisy parties and feasts…

How To Prepare Mate

How to prepare mate

Mate - tonic herbal drink, brewed from the leaves of yerba mate. Traditionally, drinking mate in Latin America: this tea is rich in caffeine and nutrients, but even he was not hot warms the body, which is particularly valued in the hot days of this continent.

Instruction how to prepare mate

Step 1:

Mate has a bitter, astringent…

Homemade Liqueurs: 3 Simple Recipe

Homemade liqueurs: 3 Simple recipe

If you want to really surprise your guests, make sure you try to prepare the liquor at home. Drinks to these recipes are prepared very quickly, and the result is sure to exceed your expectations. Homemade liqueurs - a great alternative to expensive "store" drinks, and they do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives.

How To Use Gin

How to use gin

Gene - a noble strong alcoholic drink. Gourmet process of drinking is a special ritual that requires compliance with certain rules.

Instruction how to use gin

Step 1:

Before use, put a bottle of gin and glasses in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. After cooling the bottle, wipe with a dry cloth.

Step 2:

When filling the…

Why Is It Important To Drink Water?

Why is it important to drink water?

It is often possible to hear the recommendation that it is necessary to drink ordinary water is not boiled, it is important for the body. But how does the water on our body? And what significance it has for human health?

Indeed, it is very important to understand how much water we use…

How To Cook Kvass From Rye Flour

How to Cook kvass from rye flour

Kvass in Russia has always been a traditional drink, she could cook it any hostess. Kvas could drink continuously before and after work, to quench their thirst, before and after meals, etc. Recipes of cooking a great variety. But the most common and beloved is considered kvass from rye flour.

You will need:

For kvass…

How To Decorate A Cocktail

How to decorate a cocktail

We decided to make a real cocktail party at home? party plan laid out, snacks and drinks are prepared, but it is not enough only one small stroke - adorn cocktails you. The following guidelines will help you in this.

Instruction how to decorate a cocktail

Step 1:

Twisted Citrus To make twisted citrus, notch a thin…

How To Make Calvados

How to make calvados

Calvados - a strong alcoholic beverage originally from Normandy, about 40% of the fortress, which is to prepare different varieties of apples are used, and in some cases, a small amount of pears. Calvados called apple vodka or brandy is produced by the fermentation of apple mash.

You will need:

- 1.4 kg of sweet apples; - 600…

How To Vodka

How to vodka

Vodka - one of the most frequently counterfeited drinks. Its production cost is low, and the demand is great - this is why on the shelves are regularly counterfeits. Before buying take some time and make sure that you get the original.

Instruction how to define vodka

Step 1:

Try to buy only vodka in large stores - there…

How To Keep Home-Made Wine

How to keep home-made wine

Wine made in the home, has an excellent flavor and aroma. Generally, the ingredients are fermented and insisted in large containers, which means that after the receipt of wine there is a problem, how to maintain it for a longer period without compromising taste.

You will need:

- bottles of dark glass; - New wine corks; -…

How To Cook The Right Berry Compote

How to cook the right berry compote

Good fruit compote - it is a drink which saved the most useful properties of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals. In the delicious compote balanced natural sweetness of the berries, sugar or honey and natural "sour." This drink has a pleasant color from golden yellow to deep wine red.

The berries are…

How To Make Fresh Juices

How to make fresh juices

A glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice - a boost of energy, health and vitality. Fruit freshes excrete toxins, and vegetables contain minerals and trace elements.

Instruction how to make fresh juices

Step 1:

Choose to make juice only fresh and quality fruits and vegetables. Do not use rotten fruits and lined. Clean and chop the…

Seven Interesting Facts About Whiskey

Seven interesting facts about whiskey

Before you buy an expensive bottle of good whiskey, find out more information about this beverage. Gathering facts about whiskey, managed to compile a list of interesting and amusing information notes about spirits. Do you know that...

Instruction Seven interesting facts about whiskey

Step 1:

English name on a bottle of whiskey can be written both with…

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