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How To Cook Apple Compote

How to cook apple compote

Homemade apple compote - delicious and healthy beverage. It can be served hot and cold, be prepared immediately before use and preserve for the future. Compote of apples can be cooked with added sugar. However, much tastier options mixed with the addition of a variety of fruits, berries and spices, which give the drink interesting nuances.…

How To Make A Tincture Of Calendula

How to make a tincture of calendula

Alcohol tinctures of calendula has excellent anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, and choleretic properties. This tool can easily be made at home.

You will need:

For tinctures of calendula - 2 tbsp. l. fresh marigold flowers; - 1/2 cup of alcohol (40%) or vodka. For lotion from marigold: - 2 tbsp. l. marigold flowers; - 50 ml of…

What Is Known About Energy Drinks?

What is known about energy drinks?

First Energy came back in 1980, and his name is known to many - is the famous Red Bull. According to the manufacturer, it allows the drink to cheer up and gives strength greater than that of drinking coffee. At the moment it takes 70% of the entire market of energy drinks.

Any energy…

How To Drink Brandy

How to drink brandy

Brandy - a strong alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of raw materials fruit juice or pomace. Most often used for the distillation of fermented grape juice, but there are apple, cherry, apricot brandy, and other options. Most of the drinks in this category are aged in oak barrels, which reported feedstock specific taste and aroma. How…

How To Prepare Iced Coffee

How to prepare Iced coffee

Glace - one of the most delicious ways of preparing coffee. In addition, he is considered the embodiment of summer. Glace perfectly invigorates like any coffee, ice cream and refreshing coolness, and gives enjoy the delicate flavor and aroma of the ancient drink.

Coffee is an ancient beverage. Its history goes back to the first civilizations…

How To Cook Kvass

How to Cook kvass

Summer is in full swing. On every street corner selling ice cream, refreshments and, of course, kvass. Kvass instantly quenches thirst, it contains large amounts of vitamins and improves digestion. Also, this product can be used in the preparation of cold dishes: hash, beetroot and a range of national dishes. Any owner must be able to prepare…

How To Cook An Egg Liqueur

How to cook an egg liqueur

There are several varieties of egg liqueur. In Germany, like Christmas Eierlikör, in Latin America popular Rompope, Poland Ajerkonia prepared, but, perhaps, the greatest popularity in the world won the Advocaat - a thick creamy, warm yellow-colored drink, which produces dozens of different manufacturers.

You will need:

Eierlikör - 2 chicken eggs; - 2 egg yolks;…

How To Choose A Good Coffee

How to choose a good coffee

A cup of good coffee is able to lift the mood for the whole day, but often, the choice of coffee becomes a daunting task. When choosing a coffee maker matters the country in which the coffee beans are grown, grade, degree, and date of roasting. Knowing these specifications, it is possible to select a…

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea

Tart, fragrant, bright and healthy drink for health, hibiscus tea is considered herbal tea or broth. Quench your thirst with a healing infusion drink both cold and hot. Tea from the flowers of hibiscus is very popular all over the world.

To prepare the decoction taken dried flowers pink or deep red. As the drink has a sour taste,…

How To Quickly And Easily Prepare A Fruit-And-Berry Cocktail

How to quickly and easily prepare a fruit-and-berry cocktail "hibiscus flowers"

Prepare this refreshing cocktail in the summer! Very delicious and aromatic, it will appeal to anyone in the hot weather.

You will need:

4 tbsp. l. tea hibiscus 3 apple half a cup half a cup of black currant red currant few apricots (cut) half a lemon (cut) For mint-basil ice…

Chocolate Cocktails

Chocolate Cocktails

At a party wants to please friends something tasty and original. Properly selected cocktails will cheer up the entire company, will help to relax a little, but will not drink because of the very low degree. One of these cocktails is chocolate.

You will need:

50 grams of dark chocolate, 2 cups milk, 2 glasses of chocolate liqueur, a tablespoon…

How To Brew Tea From Ginger Root

How to brew tea from ginger root

Ginger root has long been a well-deserved reputation, not only as a spice, but also as a means to strengthen the immune system, nausea, to relieve cold symptoms, as well as the fight against intestinal disorders. Ginger tea is a delicious way to deal with menstrual pain, sore throat, fever.

You will need:

- a…


"Live" beer with a living soul

Freshly brewed beer with a unique living microorganisms brewer's yeast, a little muddy from the fermentation products, unfiltered, not pasteurized and without preservatives - a real live beer! Well it is his natural intoxicating flavor resistant foam appetizing and indescribable intoxicating aroma.

Live beer brewed exclusively in order to be drunk immediately. In any case…

How To Store Fresh Juices

How to store fresh juices

It is best to use fresh juices for 10 - 15 minutes after cooking. In this case they will remain in a maximum of useful properties. It is desirable to drink as little as possible in contact with the metal parts of the juicer and oxidized outdoors.

You will need:

- fridge; - ThermaBag; - A container…

How To Make Homemade Wine From Grapes

How to make homemade wine from grapes

On the creation of old wine worked not only winemakers and the gods, but also scientists husbands. Louis Pasteur, having thoroughly studied the fermentation process, not only opened the reaction of vinification, and method of disposal of wine from the bad taste and smell, which is transmitted to it during fermentation micro-organisms living on…

How To Prepare A Latte

How to prepare a latte

"Latte" is translated from Italian as "milk". In our understanding means latte hot drink based on coffee with milk and milk foam, which is easy to prepare at home.

You will need:

8 grams of freshly ground coffee, 90-100 ml of milk.

Instruction how to prepare a latte

Step 1:

Prepare espresso. Using the coffee machine, pour 8…

How To Choose Absinthe

How to choose absinthe

Absinthe - a strong alcoholic drink, which can give a lot of pleasant sensations, if you drink it properly. Absinthe can lift your mood, change the color perception. Simultaneously, the drink can cause depression and throw you into the depths of despair. In the wake of the popularity of absinthe in the supermarkets, a host of drinks…

How To Drink Tea Pu Erh

How to drink tea pu erh

Tea pu er - a rare tea with a deep, rich flavor and rich taste. As black tea, it is fermented, but, like wine or cheese passes through fermentation. Pu er is usually sold in the form of compressed, there are dozens of forms available to him from the brick to the plate, from the…

How To Drink Cahors

How to drink Cahors

Most people know this beverage as a divine wine, in France it is called boiled. Cahors - sweet red wine, got its name from the French town Cahor, where he produced and since the beginning of the 18th century. This noble beverage having an original, slightly tart taste and excellent flavor, will appeal even to people who…

How To Cook The Grape Juice

How to cook the grape juice

Grape juice - a valuable food component, which is the main sugar absorbed by the body directly. It contains a sufficient amount of malic and tartaric acids, vitamins and precious biologically active substances.

Select a clean healthy bunch. If they are sprayed with chemicals or earth stained, wash them and dry. Separate berries. Place them…

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