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How To Brew Tea With Thyme

How to brew tea with thyme

Thyme is translated from Greek means "spirit", "power". Indeed, this herb gives vivacity, improves the tone of the entire body and helps to cure certain serious illnesses.

You will need:

- teapot; - Thyme; - Mint; - Honey; - St. John's wort; - Wild rose; - Black or green tea.

Instruction how to make tea with…

How To Determine The Authenticity Of Cognac

How to determine the authenticity of cognac

Without a doubt, brandy - a noble beverage. The name of this drink was given in honor of the French town of Cognac, with the city it connects the historical past of creation. Cognac - strong drink (40-60% alcohol), made of ethyl alcohol by distillation of white dry wines and aged in oak barrels…

How To Avoid Becoming An Alcoholic

How to avoid becoming an alcoholic

Feasts are almost always accompanied by a variety of alcoholic beverages. Their use has become the norm for a long time, now even teenagers can say that time to try everything from beer to vodka. Resist the temptation and did not become an alcoholic can only people with a developed will power and desire to…

How To Determine The Quality Of Cognac

How to determine the quality of cognac

Cognac - a strong alcoholic drink, which is made of the alcohol obtained by the double distillation of white wine. It is aged in oak barrels for years, and that gives a touch of brandy elitism. To determine their quality can be on several grounds, some of which can be checked even with a…

How To Drink Irish Whiskey

How to drink Irish whiskey

History of Irish whiskey began in the fifth century AD, when the wandering monks brought to the knowledge of distillation technology. However, the first official license for its use has been issued at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Since then, Irish whiskey has secured the reputation of being one of the best drinks, when used…

How To Squeeze The Juice Without A Juicer

How to squeeze the juice without a juicer

Natural fruit and vegetable juices are often used for the preparation of drinks and meals. Naturally, in order to extract the juice squeezer need. But what if this the right thing in the economy was not at hand?

You will need:

- gauze; - Plastic float; - Tolkushkoy.

Instruction how to get the juice…

How Much Caffeine Is In Tea

How much caffeine is in tea

Contrary to popular belief, strong tea is not harmful to humans, but a weak broth with low content of nutrients is not much different from plain water. Properly brewed beverage quality has excellent taste properties and excellent invigorating because it contained caffeine.

Oddly enough, the tea contains more caffeine than the coffee itself. For example,…

How To Drink Martini Dry

How to drink Martini Dry

His widespread fame cocktail shall cinematography. Drink debuted on screen in 1934 in a romantic comedy called "Slim." But the true laurels came a year later, when the Dry Martini brilliant "play themselves" in a glass of Clark Gable and Constance Bennett, his partner in the film "After work". Ever since he became a regular guest…

How To Squeeze The Juice From Pomegranate

How to squeeze the juice from pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is extremely rich in ascorbic acid, fruit acids, antioxidants and sugar. This drink is not only tasty but also very useful. Pomegranate juice provides a good digestion and improves appetite, strengthen the heart muscle and increase hemoglobin.

You will need:

- ripe pomegranates - 2 pcs .; - Bottled water - 50 ml;…

How To Brew The Leaves Cranberries

How to brew the leaves cranberries

lingonberry leaves are traditionally used for medicinal purposes. The content in them carotene and vitamin C is much higher than in lemons, cranberries, grapes, apples and blueberries. In addition, cranberries leaves are a real mine of vitamin B2, minerals, pectin and tannins. Drinks properly brewed leaves cranberries are able to cope with the huge number…

How To Identify A Wine Harvest Year Marriage

How to identify a wine harvest year marriage

Packaging and Label - the card of any product or product, including wine. The information they carry and for which the buyer often does not pay much attention, can tell a lot about what's inside. So, for example, the year of harvest of grapes from which wine is made, allows to make preliminary…

How To Distinguish The Wine

How to distinguish the wine

In today's grocery and specialty stores selling so many brands and varieties of wine that sometimes it is very difficult to choose. But that you do not decide to buy - port, chartreuse, champagne or a product - it is important to purchase a quality product, not a fake, counterfeit.

Instruction how to distinguish wine

Step 1:…

How To Make Home-Brew Of Black Bread

How to make home-brew of black bread

Bread kvass prepare yourself better. It is more useful than brought out of the store, while respecting the right recipes and much tastier. Here is a good recipe for kvass without yeast.

In order to prepare home brew without yeast, sourdough need to do first. For her, prepare a glass of water, boiled, it…

How To Choose Wine

How to choose wine

Should follow a few rules and remember that there is not enough to be guided only by the price of products to choose from a myriad of really good drink.

Instruction how to choose wine

Step 1:

First, ask what dish will be on the upcoming dinner, a bottle of wine for which you pick, be corona. Remember…

How To Make A Bottle Of Champagne

How to make a bottle of champagne

Champagne - a drink that you'll surely encounter on any holiday table, especially if it is a wedding or celebrations such as New Year. If the table is rich and beautiful, the feeling of a holiday becomes more pronounced. So why not decorate the champagne? Moreover, this drink is usually open celebration.

You will…

Drinks And Cocktails To The Victory Day - May 9 Celebrations

Drinks and cocktails to the Victory Day - May 9 celebrations

For the grandchildren and children of veterans, for those who celebrates May 9, this collection of the most patriotic and good cocktails. Treat yourself and your loved ones in the Victory Day holiday unusual alcoholic beverages.

Instruction drinks and cocktails on the day of victory - May 9 celebrations

Step 1:…

How To Make A Strawberry Smoothie

How to make a strawberry smoothie

Smoothies - whipped a thick drink based on fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables with a variety of additives. Prepare it in a blender, mixing pieces of fruit, berries, fresh juice, greens, and any other ingredients: milk, yogurt, spices, honey, etc. Try to prepare a smoothie with strawberries - its taste is sure to please…

Smoothies. How To Cook This Delicious Drink

Smoothies. How to cook this delicious drink

The name of this drink, which first appeared in the United States comes from the English word "smooth", which translates as "gentle", "soft". Smoothies is chopped until smooth blend of fruits.

You will need:

- fruit; - Blender; - Water or milk; - ice cubes.

Instruction smoothies. how to cook this delicious drink

Step 1:


Why Milk Is Turned Off

Why milk is turned off

Milk - a healthy and nutritious product. It is especially important for children's nutrition. This product is bought quite active, but its consumption is associated with a number of difficulties, as the milk may curdle. Why is this happening?

First you need to understand what is the "crud". This product is a condition in which the…

How To Identify A Good Wine

How to identify a good wine

Wine is a noble alcoholic drink, the use of which, even in small quantities is good for health. But not always store shelves are filled with exceptionally high-quality drinks, and some may even be harmful to your body.

Instruction how to identify a good wine

Step 1:

Look at the label. First of all pay attention…

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