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The best non-alcoholic cocktails

Delicious cocktails based juices, sparkling water and a variety of syrups - an excellent drink for a hot summer day. Soft options you can drink without any restrictions - especially if you supplement with plenty of ice. Instead, use natural juices purchased fresh - cocktails with them will not only delicious, but also useful.

The best non-alcoholic cocktails

You will need:

Lemonade with ice cream: - 0.5 liters of carbonated water; - 1 lemon; - Sugar syrup to taste; - Fresh cherries or cherry; - 200 g of vanilla ice cream; - Powdered sugar. Cocktail "summer": - Garnet; - Black grapes; - The flesh of the melon; - sparkling water; - Ice. Cocktail "cheesy": 100 g of cheese; - 1 egg yolk; - 250 ml of milk; - Lemon juice 0.5.

Instruction best non-alcoholic cocktails

Step 1:

Lemonade with ice cream is very easy to make lemonade with ice cream. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add it to the carbonated water. Pour the mixture into the sugar syrup to taste, stir. From cherries or cherries, remove the seeds. In the tall glasses, place 5-6 cherries and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. On top, place 50 g of vanilla ice cream and fill with a mixture of carbonated water with a lemon. Serve lemonade with a straw.

Step 2:

Cocktail "Summer" Squeeze the juice of a pomegranate and black grapes. Flesh melon cut into small cubes. Ice interpret finely and place in a tall glass. Ice chips should fill half the glass. Pour the juice, add melon cubes and carefully pour carbonated water. Serve immediately.

Step 3:

Cocktail "Cheese" in the heat of the cocktail can replace lunch or light dinner. These hearty options make on the basis of milk and add to it the ice cream, cheese, and eggs. In a blender, mix the grated cheese, milk, egg yolk and fresh lemon juice. Beat mixture for 1 minute, and then pour it into a chilled beaker. For the cheese cocktail can be fed dry savory biscuits.

Step 4:

A great addition to the home of cocktails - color ice. Make it very easy, and looks so ice is extremely impressive. Squeeze the juice from the orange, raspberry, black currant, grape. Mix them with water in a ratio of 50 to 50. The same proportions dilute milk and coffee. Pour the liquid plastic trays for ice and freeze. Ready ice lay on the transparent vases and add to smoothies just before serving.