How To Teach Infants To Sleep At Night

How to teach infants to sleep at night

Sleep - this is one of the main indicators of the baby's health. It was a dream baby is growing and resting, getting ready to explore the world around them. Unfortunately, not all kids are sleeping soundly and undisturbed. There are a few simple rules that will help the child to sleep soundly…

How To Grow A Happy Child: The Principle Of Continuity

How to grow a happy child: the principle of continuity

The child not only closely watching his parents, he feels well what their relationship, why pretend it is useless. You have to be genuinely happy to be happy and the baby. After all, children in 99.9% of cases, copying the behavior of their parents, when, as adults, give birth to his…

How To Write A Program For The Camp

How to write a program for the camp

Children may remain the most contradictory memories of the children's camp - from negative to unforgettable. One of the key roles in achieving the positive perception of the rest of this plays well-written program.

Instruction how to write a program for the camp

Step 1:

Choose main topic for your program. It will help…

How To Take A Urine Sample From A Child

How to take a urine sample from a child

Infants from the moment of birth fall under the supervision of pediatricians. To be thorough examination of the body need to be tested systematically, including baby urine.

Instruction how to take a urine sample from a child

Step 1:

To collect the urine in an infant, pour the water and blow on the…

How To Build A House For The Child

How to build a house for the child

Children love to build a different kind of "seekers" of everything that comes their way. It is necessary to support the desire of the crumbs have a fabulous secluded area and build a child bright and cheerful house-tent, which will be appropriate both at home and at the cottage.

You will need:

Dense tissue…

How To Breathe During Labor And Birth

How to breathe during labor and birth

Proper breathing during labor helps women to considerably facilitate the process and to relax a little. Many experts refer to it as one of the key elements, so better to master the technique.

Instruction how to breathe during labor and birth

Step 1:

At the beginning of labor necessary to adhere to such equipment on…

How To Celebrate The 1 Year Baby

How to celebrate the 1 year baby

The first birthday of the child becomes the result of his achievements over the past year. During this time, the baby has learned to sit, stand, got the first teeth and learned to take the first steps. As a rule, the holiday celebrated in the circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances. But it happens…

How To Feel The Stood Pregnancy

How to feel the stood pregnancy

Missed abortion - is to stop the development and fetal death. It occurs on different dates, but more often it occurs before the 12th week of pregnancy. The most common causes are the bad habits, stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition.

Instruction how to feel missed abortion

Step 1:

In the early to determine the…

How To Make The Hospital Maternity

How to make the hospital maternity

From a certain stage of pregnancy, the woman is considered sick leave and maternity leave, which is paid for by the state. Get this hospital will not be much difficulty, but there are some subtleties that are worth paying attention to.

Instruction how to issue sick leave and maternity leave

Step 1:

Sick leaves would give…

How To Cook The Porridge Mixture

How to cook the porridge mixture

Many pediatricians do not recommend cow's milk until the child reaches two years of age. But it was milk - the basis for a useful and necessary in baby food cereals. Is there an alternative to the usual product? Of course. Try to cook porridge in a balanced infant formula.

You will need:

- baby food…

How To Insure A Child

How to insure a child

Children - the most important part of the lives of parents. But a child - it's such a fidget, to which all interested and everywhere it is necessary to climb. From that happen and unpleasant situations and injuries. Insurance - a good solution for such cases. In addition, the insurance policy - this is one of…

How To Treat Herpes During Pregnancy

How to treat herpes during pregnancy

Every woman, being "interesting" position, shudders with horror at the mere word "medicine". Because we all know that in pregnancy should be treated with caution to all, it contains the chemical elements, sometimes even some vitamins. And from the scourge of the herpes virus, and at all difficult to get rid of, even a person…

How To Make A House For Barbie

How to make a house for Barbie

This is a great lesson for mom and baby the more so because then it will be nice to baby play with things made with your own hands. Of course, the less your child, the more the mother will have to do, but even a baby can make a contribution to the creation of…

How To Increase Hemoglobin In Children Under One Year

How to increase hemoglobin in children under one year

Hemoglobin is called a protein found in red blood cells and performing the function of the oxygen transfer from the lungs to the tissues. With a decrease in hemoglobin (red blood cells) anemia occurs. Anemia - a serious condition of the body, in which the oxygen supply is reduced and the body…

How Do You Get A Child To Learn The Multiplication Table

How do you get a child to learn the multiplication table

The multiplication table like it is not all children. Meanwhile, it is necessary to learn, otherwise after a few years of a child will inevitably have difficulties with calculations. To junior high school student or preschool child remember the multiplication table, does not necessarily make him grind. Any material is…

Hardening Of Preschool Children (General Recommendations)

Hardening of preschool children (general recommendations)

Children tempering procedures performed with a view to increase the resistance of the body to the action of different temperatures. By hardening manage to prevent many diseases. Exercise should be with the permission of the pediatrician.

Tempering procedures to help strengthen the nervous system of the child, contribute to the development of bones and muscles,…

When Issued Card Exchange

When issued card exchange

Pregnancy - an exciting time in a woman's life. At this time, the future mother appears a lot of questions, including related medical records. One of the most important documents for pregnant is to exchange the card.

Map pregnant, or exchange card, issued in the antenatal clinic where the woman is observed during pregnancy. This document reflects…

How To Strengthen The Immune System During Pregnancy

How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

Pregnancy - an important period in the life of a woman. The proper development of the fetus and the mother's well-being depends on many factors, including those from the immune system of the female body, its ability to resist infections. To pregnancy was without complications, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.…

How To Treat Cough In Children

How to treat cough in children

Due to weak immune young children are more susceptible to colds, one symptom of which is a cough. But sometimes it is delayed for a long time and causing seizures, prevents sleep and rest your baby. Moreover its duration can lead to complications with the bronchi and lungs, so cough in children should be treated…

How To Treat Kidney In Pregnancy

How to treat kidney in pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have a lot of complications associated with health. One of these problems - kidney disease. The most common of these is pyelonephritis. It can be both chronic and occur during pregnancy.

Instruction how to treat kidney in pregnancy

Step 1:

The highest probability of pyelonephritis in women who have once they had been…

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