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10 reasons why you need to give birth to her second child

In the days of the youth of our parents a question about the birth of the second child almost never negotiate. For all was the norm two or more children. However, many are now thinking whether to give birth to her second child, would not it a burden.

10 reasons why you need to give birth to her second child

Among the reasons that parents often do not want a second child, there are three main ones: first heavy labor and fear of follow-up, housing, material support of the family. All other causes should be one of these three.

But there are 10 reasons to give birth is not only possible but even necessary for that second child.

1. The most obvious reason - this is the demographic situation in the country. In Russia, the mortality rate far exceeded the birth rate, and in a few times. Civic duty of every person to reproduce the next generation.

2. According to studies, postpartum women rejuvenates the body, all the vital organs start anew. Of course, in this case enabling delivery. But in most cases, the second birth are considered the easiest.

3. From the psychological point of view, the birth of a second baby has a positive impact on the family itself. It becomes more cohesive, enhanced the status of "mother" and the "Pope". That is, the first child is given this status, and the second is already secured.

4. The first child is usually the parents give birth to himself, and the second to the first-born. Everyone knows that if one child in the family, it grows selfish. Most often, the way it is. On the very first child positively influences the birth of a sibling.

5. With the second child much easier to handle. You have already gone through this experience and know how to bathe, care, feeding, how to put to sleep, how to walk. Oldest child would be happy to help, it is very interesting to see the newborn.

6. The child is not a feeling of complete loneliness. The presence of a loved one adds confidence if such people more, and greater confidence.

7. It is a rewarding experience. It is, first of all, a very rewarding experience for the children, as they may arise between different conflicts, during which they learn to negotiate, to put up, to find compromises. These qualities are very useful in adult life.

8. In some cases, the second child makes a father. Having a second child can in some way to protect the Pope from some nuances. For example, if the family has two or more children, the father can not be drafted into the army, went to war, are not transferred to another city in the service, will not be fired from their jobs, and so on.

9. Wait for support on both sides. Eventually there will come a time when parents will need the help of children. Then nicer and more likely to receive support and assistance from two children than one.

10. Children - proof of love. The birth of the second child emphasizes once again the sincere feelings for each other. Let this will be the main reason for making a decision about the birth of her second child. Any doubts will be dispelled in a moment, as soon as the light of the new man will be.