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6 original ideas for children's holiday

Very often we are faced with the question of the child's entertainment and guests on holiday. I want to do everything original, beautiful, safe, and desirable unusually inexpensive. In fact, the solution on the surface.

6 original ideas for children's holiday

1. Bowling. This does not necessarily prepare the children or something to teach, and most importantly, keep bowling. You can arrange it at home. It should be free of 10 meters and a few empty plastic bottles. Suit bottles of water, yogurt or kefir. Also ordinary children's ball medium-sized accounts.

Teach children to bowl these improvised means easy. Organize a competition between the teams. Typically, such activity is very like children.

2. Figures sponge. Take the usual sponge for washing dishes, acrylic paint, or ordinary gouache and drawing sheets. Sponge can cut any geometric shape, and if desired shapes and animals. We dip the sponge into the paint and get to landscape leaf multicolored drawings. Show the children how to do it. At the end of the exhibition you can arrange the most beautiful and original works with the award of prizes to all participants.

3. Frosty patterns. Take white gouache, tape and transparent bags for freezing. The package gouache pour about one tablespoon. Attach the closed package to the edge of the table with tape. By clicking on the paint, it will leave the original designs on packets. The children really enjoy this activity, because these patterns are very similar to those that leave frost on the glass.

4. Costumes fairy-tale characters. Need ink, colored paper, glue, and a roll of old and unwanted wallpaper or other paper. The size of the wallpaper should be twice longer than the child's torso. With the help of colored paper, glue and paints picture a different fairy tale characters. You can deliver the performance, utilizing all children. But costumes can be prepared in advance.

5. Fishing. Take a small plastic bowl, magnets, pins, colored cardboard, perfect fit and a box from under the shoe or small appliances. From cardboard cut out of different fish. For each fish, attach the clip. Secure the ends of the magnets on the rope and tie the rope to a stick and let the kids so that they catch fish. You can arrange a competition and to remove it on video. Of course, the boys will be delighted by this class, but it is pleasant and girls.

6. Orchestra. Take the plastic bottles, fill them with bulk solids. Also handy plastic pails, lids on pans, disposable plates. Give children the tools and show what sounds they can emit. Set the pace, and his children are happy to support.