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7 girls education principles

Most parents think sooner or later, whether they properly educate their children. And, unfortunately, most often it is too late. Lost time does not return, and education does not forgive serious errors. For girls the proper education is particularly important, because they are less protected by the boys in their lives. Take care of your future baby.

7 girls education principles

7 Remember the most important principles to be followed in the education of girls.

Principle 1. You - beautiful!

Confidence in their visual appeal - the first step towards becoming a strong, self-confident person. So from an early age to attach the baby to the care of your body. Teach her to love yourself, emphasize the advantages and disadvantages do not laugh. Encourage your daughter's interest in their appearance, with fashion magazines scroll, select cosmetics, go to beauty salons and sports clubs. Among other things, it is very much bring you closer emotionally.

Principle 2: You - a favorite!

The rigor in the education has its advantages. The girl certainly grow strong, single-minded and independent woman. However, it is important not to overreact. Excessive demands might cause her awareness that love should always be deserving. What it is impossible for someone to love her just like that. Such education can lead to big problems in her personal life further. So do not forget to pamper your baby. Every day, tell her words of love (especially the pope!). Teach your daughter to recognize the love of dislike, because it is - the key to her happiness.

Principle 3: You - wise!

Teach your daughter to understand people and situations. Tell stories of life, warn, but not intimidating. From an early age Involve baby to adult conversations, consider its opinion when making decisions. Explain why you are doing anyway.

Principle 4 You - careful!

Women's nature is to take care of everything that surrounds it. Teach her to this girl. Encourage her to help animals, the elderly. And, of course, encourage your daughter's habit of taking care of loved ones. Thank her for any sincere action, also say the words of love again.

Principle 5: You - the activity!

As can be used to encourage your baby love of work. This should be done by example. Your daughter needs to see that you are happy to go to work, happy to clean the house, cook with pleasure and so forth. Celebrate her successes with praise and incentive for more. Ask about the dreams and desires of your daughter, help her move forward with their implementation.

Principle 6. Thou - optimist!

Women should bring light and warmth to be a little sunshine in your home and surroundings. Teach your daughter to this (of course, too, by example). Show her how to find joy every day, even if there was nothing unusual. Teach your baby to cope with disappointments and steadfastly withstand the test. 

Principle 7. You - personality!

This is perhaps the most difficult. Promote the development of the personality of your chips, but do not try to break her personality. Do not attempt to realize their child because of unfulfilled dreams, listen to his own ideas and desires.