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A child from a boarding school: what should be ready to adoptive parents?

While in Russia the practice of adoption of children from boarding shelters is small, but in the West it is quite common. Increasingly, Russian parents are willing to take on someone else's child care.

A child from a boarding school: what should be ready to adoptive parents?

When parents come to the guardianship authorities with the desire to become foster parents, the experts are studying the family, preparing them to meet the new baby. The most popular children up to three years, and then - 6-7 years. It is better if the baby will be just taken away from the family. Therefore, mainly in residential children are adolescents, who has long been cut off from their families. As a rule, these children are adopted frequently. That's on them and need to talk in more detail.

Children from the orphanage brought up a bit differently: they are not washed, not clean, cook food can not, do not know the price, do not go shopping. They do not even guided in the city, because they do not go on trips, will virtually come.

These children are special services personnel, so the children in the orphanage almost helpless in the real world. What you need to know the adoptive parents of these children?

Do not be afraid to take even adult children from the orphanage. These children just dream to start a family. If children under 10 years old can still be capricious, older children understood in its unwillingness to return to the boarding school, so try to be obedient.

The children from the orphanage not developed the ability to express their love, as nurses and caregivers is not enough at all. Therefore, the child is older, it is more difficult to approach, just a hug, a kind word to say. First, these children will be very difficult to perceive the words it would seem that no one needs. However, from the orphanage teenagers are in need of the love of parents, but they absolutely do not know how to take that kind of love. A child from a shelter must be very carefully and gradually accustomed to such words as mom and dad, to the manifestation of affection. It may take a month or even more.

The smaller the child, the easier and faster it enters into a new family, young people in this area more difficult. Orphans often become adults much faster than children raised in the family. They had a sip of grief from the outset, so they understand that with the youth need to stand up.

After staying in a new family, teenagers have parents willing to help, but very often they start to protest, even run away from home. This is because they feel that nobody loves. Teens used to the fact that none of them usually do not really care. These children need to exercise maximum patience and attention, to learn to understand and love them. Gradually, after a while, the child will answer you in return, becoming a truly loved one.