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Accessories for slingomamy

Slings are increasingly gaining in popularity, and producers thanks to produce more diverse accessories. All sorts of little things make life easier slingoroditeley that nothing prevented beautiful time motherhood.

Accessories for slingomamy



This is an important detail for a walk without worries. With sling and jacket to it, you can not buy a stroller. Walking in the mother's arms contribute to the good development of the nervous system. In slingokurtke you know that the baby will not freeze, you will be able to feed him breast unnoticed. Also, you can walk everywhere, even where the stroller will not pass. In the store you can safely remove the jacket and go shopping without fear that the baby sweat. 

Slingokurtki are made of weatherproof and waterproof fabric with the use of modern insulation. For a cool summer can be purchased poncho knitted or fleece jackets, and for autumn and winter suit jacket with thick insulation that can withstand fairly low temperatures. Slingokurtki practical - some little things to help insulate, if you suddenly got cold on the street, or the rain. This, for example, a hood that rises easily tightened and hides the child from the vagaries of nature. The slits for the hands will be useful for grown-up kid who does not want to hide under a jacket pens.

On some models, jackets may be supporting the child's head belt and pockets that will fit in your phone or change for bus. Slingokurtki definite plus in the fact that it can be worn without a special insert. Thus, by removing the insert for the child, the jacket will be the usual thing for fashionable moms.


For those who can not afford slingokurtka, rescue slingovstavka. This item jackets, insulated from the inside, which is attached to your basic jacket. It increases your cloak for a couple of sizes. It is necessary to insert inexpensive, it can be easily attached to the main street clothes. She and slingokurtka, will protect your baby from the cold, rain and wind. slingovstavka often made for a cool spring and autumn weather, but in this case for it separately crosslinked insulation, which is attached to the insert by means of buttons. Box also has slots for pens, Drawstring hood and to help tighten all vacancies.


Slingobusy were invented in order to mother remained calm and healthy. These beads are handmade from cotton thread and wooden beads juniper. Sweet little thing to help my mother to rid yourself of constant tweaks child.

Slingobusy put on mother and child sitting in a sling or feed, may pull their fingers, nibble cutting teeth or just to look at them. They distract the baby from his mother's hair and pendants on chains with their bright colors and interesting small toys. Slingobusy may rattle, rustling, ringing. This is not just decoration for her mother's neck, this is an important thing for the development of fine motor hand the baby, his interest, color and sound perception. With the grown babies using slingobus can learn colors, sizes, shapes. These beads will help moms in the queue to see a doctor, on the bus, in order to distract the child from the vagaries.


This is another interesting accessory for a child who is in a sling. Leggings are relevant in the winter, because the child's feet are frozen out of the sling, when everything else is closed cloth. When a child is picked up at my mother, his trouser legs ride up, and in such cases, will save slingogetry, which is put on their feet. They are well insulated legs of the child, it does not warm the whole body. Gaiters will also be useful when a child learns to crawl and walk on all fours. With them, the kid is not natret knees. Slingogetry made of knitted fabrics in the cooler seasons and wool - for the winter. They are diverse in its range, and you can choose the color of his sling.


No less popular so-called slingochuni. Chunya - a shoe that is worn on the baby's legs after he walked on the earth. They will be useful for grown-up children.

Often the child gets tired to walk on his hands and begging. It is in these moments slingochuni put on a child, and he sits in a sling. Chunya protect your clothes from dirt and slush in dirty time of year and in the rain. Shoe covers are sewn dimensionless and are suitable for children up to 3-4 years. They are thin, from waterproof fabric. They are easy to put on and take off, and in the bag, they take up very little space. For children 5 years and older, they also come in handy - so as not to dirty interior of your vehicle, simply put booties over street shoes.


Slingoigrushki will also be useful for the development of the child. These toys are small, palm-sized, or even less. They are bright, soft, pleasant to the touch. Slingoigrushkami are usually small animals wild and domestic animals, flowers, dolls, sun, clouds, or cars. They are knitted from cotton and bamboo thread. Details of each toy carefully worked, whether the ears, eyes or wheels. Small parts of toys are sewn tightly so they do not have spread when placed in the mouth. The filler used in slingoigrushkah safe, it does not crumble, and can not be withdrawn through the knitted fabric. Toys can be washed in the washing machine. They serve your daze for a long time, diverting it into lines or calming in your absence. They can be attached to slingobusy on lace or just for clothes.


Slingodozhdevik or slingonakidka will save you and your child from the vagaries of nature. Cape sewn of waterproof thick fabric and put on the robe. Due to the composition of the fabric you are not afraid of no rain, no wind. If slingonakidka even with fleece insulation, then you are not afraid of even very cold. In the cool summer rain cover can be worn just on the sling, without a jacket as protection against rain. Places he takes a bit, so it is possible to take a walk, put in a bag or pocket.