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Advantages and disadvantages of slings

Now, many women use to wear baby slings. This device has come to us since ancient times. Many highly praised slings, while others believe they bring harm to the child. What are the advantages and disadvantages there are slings?

Advantages and disadvantages of slings

There are quite a lot of advantages:

1. The child is in a sling next to the mother, so is very fast asleep.

2. He can feel the beating heart of a mother and warmth, his position is similar to the position in which he found himself in the stomach. The child feels safe and protected.

3. The sling baby will not freeze.

4. When using a sling mother frees your hands, so it can carry a bag or do some business.

5. Sling is inexpensive, easy to maintain and easy to wash.

6. If you wear the sling load is distributed on the abdomen, legs and buttocks evenly.

7. Many people believe that wearing baby in a sling allows you to remove belly fat faster, which was formed after birth.

Besides the obvious advantages, slings have a number of established shortcomings:

1. If the wrong tie sling, the child can fall out of it.

2. In the summer it is quite hot, so it is possible to prevent overheating of the baby.

3. Some models can be worn only with assistance.

4. If you do not use diapers, be prepared to constantly wash sling.

There are many types of slings, a woman choose the one that suits her best. The main criterion when choosing - child and mother should be comfortable. It is also important to consider when wearing the sling that shoes should be flat shoes without heel.