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Advice to parents whose child does not sleep at night

For every family with a small child the concept of a full night's sleep has its own value. Some mothers find that the baby does not sleep at night if he wakes up every three hours, and for someone not a problem to get up to the baby every hour. has its own rules for how many hours he has to sleep in the day for any age child. Around the year we can expect that the baby will stop often wake up at night, and sleep fully. But you need to compliance with certain conditions.

Advice to parents whose child does not sleep at night



The most common reason that the child wakes up at night - the feeling of hunger. Diet breast milk for all babies is different. Peditry recommend to withstand a break in 2-3 hours, but all of the children themselves set the frequency of night feedings. Someone eats and sleeps soundly, and someone asks breasts very often. This is the first act of breastfeeding mothers - to ensure that the baby eats enough milk. Maybe the child does not sleep at night just because he did not have enough milk. If it is a baby, in a diet that has a mess, it makes sense to try to feed porridge for dinner, the baby went to bed full.

When the milk is not enough and the mother feels that a child eats at night is not worth to enter the mix. Some parents say that almost the first night, in which the baby's supplementary feeding mix, he slept much longer sleep.

At the age of about one year of the child's appetite is greatly increased. Children at this time are beginning to ask the chest at night almost every hour. Nursing mother, tired from too frequent feedings, it is better to think about to collapse breastfeeding. The methods may be different: a refusal of breastfeeding, replacing the mixture with water or yogurt.

The child is in pain

The child does not sleep at night if he has something hurts. The cause of ailments need to find out. For babies, it is likely - colic; Older kids are suffering from a toothache. In any case, when my mother worried that baby sleep is not enough strong and long-lasting, it is necessary to address to the neurologist. A competent doctor will eliminate neurological problems, advise vitamins for the nervous system and possibly sedation, if they will need. After all, the reason that the baby does not sleep well, can be increased intracranial pressure and other serious illnesses.

Daily regime

All children need to comply with the regime of the day. If the baby does not sleep at night, his life needs a special, fairly strict regime of the day. Daytime sleep is mandatory for him. But it would be better to its length does not exceed 2 hours. Stack sleep during the day should be not too late (till evening kid should have time to get tired).

Exclude from the child's life cartoons and video games. Although it seems that the baby quietly watch TV, actually it sistmy nervous at that time strongly overexcited. This then affects the quality of nighttime sleep.

Long walks in the evening. Do not take the stroller, bike and other vehicles for a walking child. All he has to walk to walk and run. If there is a need for a break, you can do so on a swing or bench. Ideal evening walk - park. At the playground child moves less and tired.

Child 2 years old and terrible it is not necessary to feed just before bedtime. As an adult, your child will be difficult to sleep with a full stomach. Dinner should be 19-20 hours but not later.

Hiking on the potty

Another reason that the child wakes up at night - the desire to go to the toilet. Even when in the baby diaper, his sleep during this process becomes less strong. The dinner is better not to drink the child and teach potty immediately before going to bed and immediately after waking up. When the body gets used to such a regime, the baby will sleep stronger.

Mom, faced with the problem of the baby does not sleep well at night, you have to be patient and try to methodically ways to usopokoit baby. In any case, the change with age and mode, and the need for sleep, so as they grow older child still will start sleeping through the night almost without waking. Up to this point you just have to survive by deleting all of the above prchiny poor child sleep.