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As a children's rally team

Ability to communicate in a team each person is formed even at a very early stage of its development. Nursery, kindergarten, school - in the walls of these institutions will sooner or later appear on your group's interests. But how to unite children's group, whose members are still not familiar with each other and are not eager to communicate?

As a children's rally team

You will need:

sense of humor, patience, kindness, ability to communicate with children

Instruction how to unite the children's group

Step 1:

The basis of any collective cohesion, including children - is emotional intimacy, partnership, spiritual connection. To unite children in every way they stimulate the so-called "spirit of unity". Develop games for kids that do not require a specific number of participants. Thus, you can use both at once all his players. Group games (especially team) players will join a common goal - to win the competition. Team members will help each other cope with the faster your goal, and after the game, children will be a long time to discuss their experiences and share emotions.

Step 2:

In addition to the collective game, have the children together Sunday walks, trips to the museum or the circus. These events are ideal for creating a common positive emotional background in the young team. However, that joint raids went smoothly, you will have to work hard on their pre-deployment training.

Step 3:

Another way to combine children - to deliver them the task, they will be able to perform jointly. For example, ask them to prepare a theater scene, wall newspaper etc. - And they join forces to search for, and then to an independent study of the material. You will quickly notice that children, fascinated by a common purpose, will be much closer to each other.

Step 4:

In setting up a large-scale training or creative tasks, separate children's group into small groups and assign them areas of responsibility. Make it clear to children that their immediate work will focus on the overall success.

Step 5:

Almost every team has its own traditions. Make them and you! Suggest, for example, once a month to make a joint trip to the art gallery or the pool. Do not forget to build a dialogue with the children, as they will want to contribute: your supplement or offer their alternatives.