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As a friend to behave with your child

You met the man with whom want to tie their future to create a new family. But you are concerned about how your child will develop the relationship with a new man for him. Help two friends dear to you people.

As a friend to behave with your child

Instruction how others behave with your child

Step 1:

The first acquaintance with the child your friend better organize on "neutral territory". For example, introduce them on a walk in the park or cafe. Try to pre-prepare the child for what is in your life with him was a man with whom you will spend a lot of time now. Let the kid turns to your man as he likes: by name, by name or with the prefix 'uncle'. However, think of the other joint activities that would be interesting and fun for everyone: a visit to the theater, cinema, rides, outings on the nature, small travel.

Step 2:

After a while, let your friend and connect to simple everyday affairs, often dealing with a child at home. With the baby need to play, bathe, put him to sleep. The child is older, you can help to do their homework, to support his hobbies, something together handicrafts, to design, to help her mother with household chores, ie you. It is important to take an interest in his affairs sincerely, without flattery and familiarity, because children are very thin feel false.

Step 3:

Do not try to be a substitute for the father-child or young student, especially if he remembers the mother of a parent or communicates with it. Let your friend will immediately understand your daughter or son that he in no way is going to drive out of their life dad. It is better to make friends and become a real child "senior" friend. Earn respect in the eyes of baby your friend will have their behavior: to earn credibility, you must work hard. It is important to build a relationship with the child be treated as a serious matter. Everyday affairs and occupations give you two dear people the opportunity to get to know and feel each other, to help your man become truly close friend for the baby.