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As a single woman to adopt a child

Many women who are not married for one reason or another, want to experience the joy of motherhood, by way of adoption. Moving in this direction, it is necessary to take into account that will be faced with many difficulties. After all, to provide a complete education is necessary to make great efforts of the adopted child.

As a single woman to adopt a child

You will need:

- a brief curriculum vitae; - A certificate from the employer indicating position and salary, or a copy of the declaration of income; - Extract from the house to the place of residence, a document confirming the existence of the dwelling; - A medical report on the health status; - Certificate of no criminal record from the internal affairs bodies.

Instruction as a single woman to adopt a child

Step 1:

Be prepared for the fact that a lonely woman, wishing to adopt a child, the guardianship are very carefully and cautiously. Their employees are carefully evaluating the motives of adoption, as well as the environment and conditions in the house of the candidate. For this reason, you need to prepare in advance the answer to the most common interview question: "Why do you want to adopt a child?". Think through and justify your arguments in advance. You must be prepared to prove that you have the financial resources, housing for a family with an adopted child, despite your status single woman.

Step 2:

Refer to the typical application in urban and regional authority for guardianship of children. In a statement write about his desire to become a parent. In addition to the application provide a package of necessary documents. After the guardianship authorities will review your application, check the facts of your personal interest and the possibility to maintain the child, inspect the living conditions, within two weeks it will be made positive or negative opinion.

Step 3:

In the event of a positive decision, you will be put on the account as a candidate for adoption. Guardianship agencies undertake to inform you of the children to be possible adoption. In case of refusal find out the reasons for this decision. You can appeal the decision within a few days.

Step 4:

After receiving information about the presence of a child for adoption, to get permission and go and see the baby. After the candidacy of the adopted child will be confirmed by you, please contact the court for an adoption. Attach to the application the necessary documents.

Step 5:

After the court decision on adoption within three days to the registrar at the place of residence sent an extract of the decision. Renew the new documents to yourself and your baby.