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As a surprise baby

Anyone who has ceased to be surprised he is unlikely to be able to surprise someone else, especially a child. Therefore, start with yourself. Remember what you were wondering for the last time and how long ago it was.

As a surprise baby

Instruction as a surprise baby

Step 1:

The way in which you will surprise your child, of course, depends on its age. For example, the smallest can play in the "cuckoo". Dodge and peeps from different shelters, joyfully exclaiming, "Cuckoo!". Confusion on your child's disappearance will be replaced by wonder and joy at your appearance.

Step 2:

With an older child can play on the orientation of the blindfold. Play better in the courtyard, where there is plenty of space. Tie his scarf eyes, unscrew it around its own axis, and tell him how many steps he has to do right, left, forward or backward. Then ask him, without untying the scarf, called the place where he was. When you untie his scarf, he was very surprised to see where he was. Even if he can guess the place, it still surprised her shrewdness.

Step 3:

Surprise your child by telling him stories about what happened to you on the way home from work. For example, you went to the grocery store, and tell that met in the woods talking squirrel, and she gave for your son or daughter's these delicious nuts.

Step 4:

Surprise your child by doing something not typical for you, start doing exercises every morning, remove with plasticine cartoon, do a headstand, show him your hometown with a bird's-eye view and learn together to wiggle ears, tell me where babies come from, plant flowers and wait, when they bloom, go in search of treasure in the suburban area, buy a microscope and looked at everything, brings the child to the planetarium, tell him about dinosaurs, etc.

Step 5:

More often put themselves in the place of the child and look at the world through his eyes. To do this, try to find the child himself. Cultivate in your child's care and observation, then he will learn to be surprised himself.