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As banks put the child

When children are sick, all medical devices are in progress. Previously, glass jars and used all over the place, but now they are quite popular in the treatment of colds. But to use this method with great care, as it is quite traumatic medical instrument. To put banks child properly, you must follow some simple rules and to adhere to safety.

As banks put the child

Instruction how to set banks child

Step 1:

It is important to be aware that children under 3 years, banks are contraindicated. They have a strong thermal effect, which can be very dangerous to infants. Even older kids should not put the banks on the left side of the chest, it is harmful for the heart. the whole duration of the procedure should be reduced to six - ten minutes. But if unpleasant, painful feelings will be used to immediately remove the vessels.

Step 2:

Before you carry out the procedure, talk with your child. Explain that there was nothing wrong with banks no, it does not hurt. Say that with their help he will recover quickly and be able once again to engage in favorite business. Ask your kid to lie on his tummy on the bed and take a comfortable position. Stroke his back, so he calmed down and relaxed.

Step 3:

Be prepared jars (6 - 8 pcs), baby cream with petroleum jelly and a candle or wick for heating vessels. Grease cream back. Heat and put the banks in turn. Under the vessel must create a vacuum, otherwise the desired effect will not be. If the skin under the jar blushed and was involved in - the bank put right. If not - better heat it and put it again. From incorrectly attached jars will not be any effect.

As banks put the child

Step 4:

Hold the banks 6-10 minutes and remove. Wrap up baby blanket. Repeat the procedure recommended no sooner than 2-3 days. This is due to the fact that children's skin is very delicate, permanent heat exposure can harm her.

Step 5:

Banks are usually used for bronchitis and pneumonia, but is not recommended for colds and flu. Without consultation with a doctor to use them in any case it is impossible, you can harm the baby. Together with the banks prescribers, relieves inflammation, reduce the heat and temperature, eliminating the painful phenomenon. Therefore, never self-medicate. What medicines can be combined, and what does not, what procedures are recommended for the disease, and which are dangerous, the doctor can decide only.