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As clysterize babies

Not for anyone no secret that the need for bowel enema treatment, as well as for the administration of drugs that are resorptive and local action. Clysterize infants quite simple, you need only follow a few rules and be careful.

As clysterize babies

Instruction how to put an enema babies

Step 1:

Put your baby on his back, his legs should be raised to the top. Boil pear and be sure to release it from the hot water, which may be hit by boiling inside.

Step 2:

Enter into a container of 100-150 ml of boiling water. The liquid temperature should not exceed 28 degrees.

Step 3:

Lubricate the blower tip mineral oil and gently, effortlessly enter it into the anus of the child. The tip must be entered by 3-5 cm, then slowly push the balloon. Newborn to cleansing enema enter enough about 25-30 ml of pure water, and the infants - 60-150 ml.

Step 4:

Once you have poured the liquid, squeeze the buttocks baby, on the other hand, gently pull the tip. That water could not flow out, hold the baby buttocks for a few seconds. A few minutes later the child will be the urge to defecate.