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As it is impossible to name the child

Choosing a name for a child is a very responsible thing. For the most part of it depends on the fate of the man who was born, so much depends on the parents, so she was happy. There are some rules and beliefs as it is not necessary to name the child.

As it is impossible to name the child

Instruction can not be called as a child

Step 1:

By tradition, the baby should be called the name of the saint whose memory day closest to the date of birth. But do not give the name of the calendar, "back", ie in accordance with the holiday that precedes birthday. Do not call the name of the child martyr - is to bad.

Step 2:

Do not call the child in honor of a deceased member of the family: grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, etc., so that he did not repeat their fate.

Step 3:

Do not call the name of the child's father, mother, brother, sisters, and all those with whom you live, - he or his namesake may die.

Step 4:

The girl did not anoint the name of the mother, and the boy's father's name. The child will be unstable, highly emotional and excessively irritable. Repeat the name of the parent contributes to the development of negative qualities. The girl called the name of the mother, it will be difficult to find a common language with her and understanding. In addition, it is believed that one can not call the girls male names, as they grow up tough and it will be difficult to get married.

Step 5:

In no case do not call the name of the deceased child's baby in the family to him, too, not disaster struck. Before baptism not tell anyone the name of the child not to be jinxed, and if they ask, and answer, "My child is given by God and his name is - Bogdan".

Step 6:

Also, be sure to think about how your child's name will be called as a child. Do not choose too pretentious name, otherwise it may become an obstacle in communication, and a cause for ridicule. The name must be easy to pronounce and remember.

Step 7:

Choosing a name for a boy, take into account that once it can also become a father, and in his own name will give the child a patronymic. Therefore, do not call the boy's name is too complicated. In addition, the chosen name for the baby should easily be combined with a middle name, otherwise it will bring trouble to your grown-up child.

Step 8:

Child's name also should be combined with the name. If the child is a surname, does not indicate the gender, do not call it, for example, Eugene, Sasha and Valia. Children are very complex, when the boy mistaken for a girl and vice versa.