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As noted child baptism

Christening day considered the spiritual birth. This acceptance of a personal angel, who will now be the patron saint of his ward. And it is quite natural desire of parents to share their joy with the closest people, a celebration that corresponds to the solemn event.

As noted child baptism

Instruction how to celebrate the baptism of a child

Step 1:

At baptism made to invite relatives and friends. Necessarily the presence of the godfather and the mother responsible in the future for the spiritual education of the child. Write and send them a special invitation on behalf of the future hero of the occasion. Specify the location and time of the sacraments and the festive dinner.

Step 2:

Arrange the room where the feast will take place in white and gold tones. White is associated with purity and renewal, yellow - with sunlight, warmth. Spread a snow-white tablecloth, choose the appropriate table napkins and utensils. In light vase put a bouquet of lilies - the symbol of purity and holiness.

Step 3:

The festive menu according to tradition must include pastry and cereals. Therefore, the main entertainment on the table can be a variety of cakes, pretzels, buns made from yeast and dough.

Step 4:

Offer guests a new, unexpected recipe for porridge, which, for example, knew your grandmother. And now this dish you will be annually submitted to the Day of the Angel of his child. If there is no family secret that will always help the famous Guriev porridge with dried fruits, nuts and cream.

Step 5:

Make sure the bird has to be present at the table (chicken, turkey). She decided to bake in a clay pot with cereals. Greens, fresh vegetables are associated with spring, the beginning of a new life. Therefore, the meat serves a variety of salads and herbs.

Step 6:

Not accepted on this day to abuse alcohol. As for drinks, offer, mostly light table wine, a variety of juices, berry fruit drinks. At the christening lunch permitted the presence of older children. They should please the dessert. It is possible for every child to make a little sweet gift in memory of christening.

Step 7:

Sam godson usually does not take part in the festival in his honor. However, when he grows up, he will be interested to know about this event. Take photos, gather them in a beautiful album handmade. Ask guests to write in it the good wishes to the young Christian. Save it with the first cross and baptismal dress on the memory of the unique day in his life.