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As the child's ability to learn

Each baby has unique skills inherent genetic and natural. Identify and develop them - the task of parents. The sooner you understand what the baby feeds addiction, the greater the chance that it will grow and be successful doing things you love.

As the child's ability to learn

Instruction as a child's ability to learn

Step 1:

Most often, children are happy to show off their own skills. If the child is closed and unsociable, no interest either for dancing or singing, or for drawing, is to turn to a psychologist who can help liberate it and see the inclination to a particular occupation.

Step 2:

If you want to identify the child's ability, do not encourage your child to realize your dreams, if they do not like it and can not afford. Even if you do not have time to be realized in any creative direction as a child, it does not matter. There are many courses and clubs for adults. You have to distance themselves from their own desires and watch the child carefully. A compulsion to do anything can only scare the kid.

Step 3:

Do not be afraid to overload the child. The more different types of training, the better. Suggest your child to try his hand in the theater, and sports, drawing and music. Go to the test classes in a variety of mugs, talk with teachers and coaches, ask them to evaluate your child's seasoned eye. Those hobbies that the child will not like it, drop out over time. The main thing is constantly wonder whether the baby's desire to continue training. It is necessary to encourage the interest and initiative, but in any case not be punished for failing to attend a circle.

Step 4:

Speaking of promotions, you need to constantly praise the child. This is very encouraging for the further development of his abilities and skills. Praise sincerely and from the heart. Even if it is in the creative impulse painted a picture on the wallpaper, stained or torn sneakers, chasing the ball, do not scold him. His paintings are far from ideal, and the poems consist of two rhyming lines. Do not wait on the little man with no special skills beyond any achievements from the first day of classes. After all, your job - it does not raise a child prodigy to the envy of other parents, thus depriving him of his childhood, and to identify and gradually develop its capabilities.

Step 5:

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity, it begins to develop earlier and more active than the logical left. Thus, it is not necessary to try to grow the cradle of the great mathematician, but the account is still necessary to engage in a little. It is better to develop the creative abilities and strengthen the relationship of the hemispheres of the brain of the child, offer him to do the usual things (eat, brush your teeth, draw) with the other hand. Thus, when the time comes to develop logical ability baby, everything will be given to it faster and easier.